Still Have Xbox One Or PS4 Games To Buy? This Will Save You A Ton


If you still need to grab a few launch games for your PS4 or Xbox One library, here’s how to get the most bang for your buck right now. Wal-Mart is running a great promotion for next-gen titles. Right now PS4 and Xbox One games are $49.99 a piece. But there’s a way to make things even better. Just combine it with the deal another retailer has running at the moment.

Best Buy is currently offering a $25 rewardzone credit when you buy any 3 PS4 or Xbox One titles (Must be the same platform). So here’s what you do. Grab the Wal-Mart ad, or pull up the page on your smart phone, and walk into Best Buy. Grab your three games on either PS4 or Xbox One and proceed to the customer service counter.

Once there have Best Buy pricematch Wal-Mart’s $49 next-gen game price, pay your tab, and walk away with a $25 rewardzone credit. Effectively getting three PS4 or Xbox One titles for $125. Happy hunting!

Thanks for the tip: asdad123

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Dylan Zellmer

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