Microsoft Has Officially Responded To Reported Xbox One Launch Day Issues


UPDATE: Microsoft has provided iGR with this updated statement responding to reports of defective Xbox One disc drives,

“The issue is affecting a very small number of Xbox One customers.  We’re working directly with those affected to get a replacement console to them as soon as possible through our advance exchange program. Rest assured, we are taking care of our customers.” – Microsoft spokesperson

ORIGINAL POST: After reading through a number of user reported issues ranging from claims that the system still performs DRM checks to defective disc drives, all the way to what’s being referred to as the “Green Screen of Death”. I decided to reach out to Microsoft for some clarification on the issues Xbox One gamers are experiencing since launch. Thankfully, I received a lightning fast response.

When asking about the reported DRM checks users experienced with games like NBA 2K14 and Dead Rising 3, a Microsoft representative let me know that they are feverishly, “looking into the issue”, and would keep me posted. In response to the defective disc drives and other reported Xbox One malfunctions I was given this official statement,

“We know that with a hardware launch of this magnitude customers will have questions and we have many avenues for customers to get the answers they need and get back in the game as soon as possible. Rest assured we plan to take care of our customers. Any customer who believes they are experiencing an issue with their Xbox One should reach out to us. There are many avenues available for customers to get in touch with us including:
·         Talking to a live customer support person that can call you back if you don’t want to wait
· for support pages and forums
·         On Twitter with @XboxSupport
·         There are also Help and diagnostics on the console by saying “Xbox Help” – Microsoft spokesperson

Regarding what’s being called the “Green Screen of Death“, the spokesperson offered this suggestion,

“If a user is experiencing a stall for more than 10 minutes when connecting to Xbox Live to take the day one update they should contact Xbox customer support and we will work with them to troubleshoot and get them up and running.” – Microsoft spokesperson

When questioned about the nature of the “confidential” MTE Test Disc a Reddit user found in his disc drive upon booting the system for its initial setup, the spokesperson offered that, “We do not have anything to share on this one.”

As far as we can tell, there’s no substantiated evidence that Xbox One is performing DRM checks. Users snap pictures of issues frequently to provide support with troubleshooting information, or to substantiate their claims. In the case of the purported DRM checks, there’s no such proof. As for the several reported failures, it’s to be expected when a new console generation steps into the spotlight. As you can see, there’s plenty of ways to get in contact with Xbox support and have your respective technical issues looked at.

We’re interested to see how the rest of our inquiries end up panning out, namely an official stance on the reported DRM checks. We’ll keep you up-to-date as we receive more information.

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  • Slay

    You should make an article on the ps4 hardware problems. Those are scarily high. But you won’t, fanboy.

    • N4GSucks

      So true!

    • Guest

      You’re kind of late to the party. PS4 problems were last week’s. This week is all about Xbox One problems, especially with no clear solutions.

      • The Wolf 47

        New consoles usually gets bugs and defective hardware.
        And to be honest, both consoles seems to have been rushed on the software level and missing out on key features, which ironically the other one has.

    • mike

      Those articles exist already, this one now does to share the xboxones launch problems. Get over yourself.

    • bigshynepo

      Can you show me an article that shows a higher percentage than 1% failure rate for PS4? I didn’t think so. Every comment since you signed up a month ago has been to spam PS4 hate. You’re the Polygon of commenters!

      • mike

        ya but at least he is obvious. He is a parody of the fanboy.

      • Crusina .

        You think Polygon is biased? Really

        • bigshynepo

          Only me and the whole internet?
          Have you not been following the Microsoft “investment” discussion?

    • Are you talking about this? Apparently we can time travel, because you missed this somehow.

      • Slay

        Are you kidding?! Look at your comment to that article compared to how you wrote this one. You made this one sound doomsday-like. It’s easy to see your agenda. Face the facts. Ps4 hardware issues are massively worse.
        SCEA‘s response to the small amount of unreliable hardware seems legitimately gamer friendly. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had an exchange of any item come back to me with expedited shipping. I suppose this speaks to the fact that you can’t forecast everything. Just like the development process there’s going to be unforseen hurdles, but a 99% launch hardware success rate is damn solid from my perspective.

        • bigshynepo

          Don’t feed this troll people. Check his Disqus history, so much PS4 trolling, you’d think he was paid PR…
          But he’s definitely just a kid.

          Just go away Slay, you can’t even make a good argument or have a mature discussion.

        • You are flat out wrong

          Xbone has a 60% failure rate. Deal with it.

    • cell989

      those PS4 articles were all over the net all week, where have you been? its the xbones turn fanboy-sir

    • You are flat out wrong

      Hahaha, Xbone is finished. Good riddance!

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    My Xbox One makes a slight faint noise coming from the fan area, the console runs fine though, I have a game downloading now and it seems to not make teh noise when it’s just sitting.

    • bigshynepo

      I can’t believe that game installs take almost 4 times longer on Xbox One. After timing it, clearly Microsoft needs to do some optimization in this area.

      • Stereotypical_White_Fella

        Think installs are bad? Try downloads. I started downloading bf4 at 2pm, it’s now 8 and im closing in on 90%.

        • bigshynepo

          I feel like the playstation network download speed might exceed my connection. Using the PS4, I was trying an impromptu timing test and it seemed like I was averaging 1.5mb/s which isn’t much slower than my fastest downloads run on the computer.
          Battlefield is HUGE though =)

          • Dakan45

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          • bigshynepo

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      • Dakan45

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