The Tale Of The Tape: Xbox One Vs PS4 MMA-Style


We’ve heard a ton of back and forth between die-hard Xbox One and PlayStation 4 fans. On the eve of the actual head to head confrontation, I thought we could take a look at things from a different perspective. What if we locked these two warriors in the cage, put some butts in the seats, and watched them nerd-fight until one was declared winner? This is a multi billion dollar prize-fight, so I can’t help but compare the numbers and the intangibles tale of the tape style.

Let’s talk about some of the things we’re seeing here. It’s easy to state facts like size and weight, but it’s harder to define the X-Factor, you know, the one aspect that sets the fighters apart in a really meaningful way. Both of these contenders have impressive strong points and equally exploitable weak points. This is, of course, a championship fight, so we’ll be analyzing it as such. We have a maximum of five rounds to consider, and based on the dichotomy of the two combatants, things could go either way at a moment’s notice. Here we go!

Xbox One vs PS4


Coming into 2013, PlayStation was billed as the underdog in the eyes of the lion’s share of the gaming community. Then February rolled around, and everything changed. It was apparent that Sony had spent time traveling around the world, studying new disciplines and perfecting their fighting style. The PS4 reveal was well received by most of the industry. It was obvious PlayStation had learned from their past mistakes. In the past they’d spent years training with the same folks, rarely adding anything new to their repertoire. Making their approach stale and telegraphed. When February rolled around, PlayStation 4 came out with desire in its eyes and the skills to match. Over the past few years it had lost much of the unneeded proprietary bulk that weighed it down in the past. PS4 had also strengthened it’s core with years of preparation. It had also become more well-rounded as a competitor. It was easily discernible that PS4 had spent long nights studying past fight films, and had brought in a new team to decipher what was needed to succeed. This new PlayStation listened to the feedback of its peers, and used it to focus on a short list of very important pillars that would evolve it as a challenger.

Xbox One

The Xbox 360 was pretty well the undisputed champ of last-gen. It had a charisma and confidence about it that made fans and sponsors flock to it in droves. It also bolstered a wide range of disciplines; a jack of all trades if you will. Xbox 360 was able to dictate the pace, control the center of the octagon, and take the fight anywhere its opponent took it. As time passed plans began to take the Xbox into the future. It may have been over-confidence, or it may have been lack of respect for their opponent, we’re not sure. But one thing is for certain. The Xbox One came into the spotlight out of touch and out of shape. And at the same time, it appeared that it was trying to pioneer its own fighting style that fans refused to get behind. It was still sporting all of the great moves that had earned it the title in the past, but it’d become somewhat complacent in its approach. When the limelight hit the Xbox One it stood proud, but unsure. When it first hit the scene it appeared that Xbox One was simply focused on the wrong aspects of its game. And all the while, it’s amazing corner team was pushed out of the frame.

First Blood

Back at E3 2013 both competitors had just completed a rigorous camp in preparation of taking center stage in front of millions. The two gladiators were primed to face-off for the first time; and the result was utterly atrocious. A savage first round KO win for PS4, and a disappointing defeat for Xbox One. Immediately after the bout, the Xbox camp went back to the drawing board. Shedding the many bloated techniques that were holding it back, while PS4 reveled in its decisive victory.

The Rematch

Five months later and the combatants have finished final preparations. The PS4 has already entered the octagon, but it’s corner team isn’t quite as strong as it was back at E3. Two members of the crew are MIA and won’t be returning until sometime next year. The Xbox One spent the better part of the past few months dealing with minor injuries, but it’s looking solid on the way out to the cage. Both parties have a great deal of momentum coming into tonight’s contest. As we mentioned at the outset of our coverage, this is a championship fight, so be ready to hang in there for the duration. This whole thing may come down to conditioning. Back in June the early stoppage didn’t give us much of a look at PS4’s gas tank, and the Xbox One has likely been training at elevation to ensure it has the stamina to recover if it receives damage early on again. We’re mere hours away from the opening bell, and we can’t wait. Grab your popcorn, get the bear his chair, and settle in for one helluva fight.

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