Kickstarter Projects You Should Pay Attention To 11/21

Whew it’s been a crazy few weeks between GDC Next and the PS4/Xbox One launch. We finally have a free second to give some love to the indies. Our brief hiatus has actually given me a ton of perspective, and plenty of time to carefully select this week’s additions. We’re really happy to be receiving a daily flood of emails from project creators! Keep them coming! I’m only one man, and I honestly can’t find every awesome project out there myself. That being said, I hand-picked a couple of these gems while I was at GDC. There’s no better way to get my attention than a hands-on demo of your crowdfunding project. That being said, here’s our lot for this week!

The Metagame. Discuss. – Local No. 12 – Tabletop

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Obviously Prototype Cards

That’s right! We’re going tabletop this week. It’s not often, but this was the hands-on deal I spoke to earlier. Imagine having to persuade a handful of your peers why Crocs should be considered “simply beautiful”, or trying to top some lucky ass that drew the North Korea card when the topic for discussion is “The most un-American?”. Metagame will impose horrible predicaments upon you on a regular basis, and force you to pretty much mindfuck the rest of the table into seeing things your way. It’s a great way to get people thinking, and more importantly, actually discussing things with each other. In our world of instant gratification by way of our bright little screens that go everywhere, and do everything with us, it’s nice to slow down every once in a while. It’s also unapologetically gratifying when a player tries to convince you that Charlie Brown would be a better choice than a Playboy when marooned on a desert island. If you regularly get together with friends, or want to be the one that brings the party wherever you go; check out Metagame on Kickstarter. It’s a trip.

Tadpole Treble – BitFinity – PC, Mac, Mobile, Wii U

Tadpole Treble

I have a confession to make; I love retro game music! I know it’s totally nerdy, but I couldn’t care less. There’s no less than four game soundtracks on my recently played list. It’s relaxing, thought-provoking, and people who composed it were some of the biggest badasses that ever graced Gods green Earth. So why in the hell am I going on about music all of a sudden? It’s pretty simple, actually. Recently I was turned onto a musical adventure game called Tadpole Treble. It’s being developed by a dynamic duo of brothers by name of Taranto (so close to Tarantino it’s not even funny). The brothers’ deep appreciation for composition and video games alike have created a truly hybrid gaming experience. In Tadpole Treble you’ll assume control of Baton, a tadpole attempting to safely navigate the treacherous path home. The core design of the game is what’s so goddamn compelling. Music in video games is typically used as a device to enhance emotion, but in Tadpole Treble, it’s applied directly to the level design. The musical score literally dictates level design. The guys at BitFinity took sheet music and made it freaking awesome! I really enjoyed weaving my way through deathnotes, collecting bubbles, and creating the sweet sounds of 8-bit retro gaming in the process. The whole package is a huge win in my book. The brothers Taranto are already lighting up their funding process on Kickstarter, but why miss out on backing a great project like Tadpole Treble?

Tiny Trek – Chris Carson – PC, Mac, Ouya, Mobile


Tiny Trek is a procedurally generated sci-fi adventure with a never-ending galaxy to explore. The goal is to offer thousands of randomized, bite-size missions so you can continue to enjoy the experience time and time again. Your personal Tiny Trek will feature a persistent universe that’s shaped by the decisions you make. Choose your race, captain your starship, and set out to seek out new life, and new civilizations…wait. That’s pretty much the deal though. You’ll have the ability to encounter countless alien races, engage in intergalactic dog-fights, send “away-teams” to chart alien worlds, and trade with other spacefarers. You’ll even have the ability to take on randomly generated side missions. Imagine you’re traveling through space when you happen upon a plasma trail complete with an urgent distress call. Will you assist the wounded vessel, or destroy it? Just keep in mind that you’ll want to play nice for the most past, unless you want everyone in the galaxy gunning for your blood. The retro-grade pixel art is perfect as far as random generation goes, and nicely fits the satirical tone of Tiny Trek. In the end there’s plenty to love here, whether your a dedicated Trekkie, a retro-game fan, or someone that’s just looking for a game experience off the beaten path. Climb into the captain’s chair, fire up the warp drive, and head over to Kickstarter to set out on your very own Tiny Trek.

That’ll do er for this week. A quick tip to help you pick out your Metagame competition; Make sure you don’t sit down with one of the Assassin’s Creed writers, college professors, or a mystery woman that can talk her way out of anything. All of these projects deserve your pledge, and I wanted to make sure there was something for everything this week. I hope I didn’t disappoint; I WILL lose sleep over it if I did. Just a quick reminder to follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Don’t forget my personal Twitter account as well! That way you can keep up on our weeky spotlight and all of our other great content. I’ve finished our first two PlayStation 4 reviews, so why not check those out? Resogun is a gorgeous take on the retro game, and Killzone: Shadow Fall will literally knock your eyeballs out of your face. See ya on the flippidy flop!

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