The Xbox One Version Of Call Of Duty: Ghosts Already Cracked


It’s time for some piracy-related news. It looks like the first public Xbox One crack has been posted. Keeping video games from being cracked is akin to an arms race, or trying to stay ahead of the PES curve in sports; it’s nearly impossible. With that in mind it’s no surprise that someone has already cracked an Xbox One title. The details are scarce, but C4eva has posted the information from his successful Call of Duty: Ghosts Xbox One dump. The details are below.

First xbone disc dump completed! Ghosts 47Gb! XG4 cometh!

XG4=XboxGamedisc4 – Bluray Disc Type Identifier from PIC (Permanent Information and Control data zone) on the disc!

CoD Ghosts psn layer 0 start/end: 0x 00100000/00ad7f1e (00ad7f1e-00100000) 1=9d7f1f sectors *0800=4ebf8f800 (21,138,831,360 bytes)

CoD Ghosts psn layer 1 start/end: 0x 015280e0/01effffe (01effffe-015280e0) 1=9d7f1f sectors – same as layer 0 *0800=4ebf8f800 (21,138,831,360 bytes)

= Total Disc 42,277,662,720 bytes

The disc is made up of one metadata folder with some pics and one package1.xvc file of 41,285,020 KB length


It’s absolutely amazing what brilliant people with nothing but time on their hands can accomplish. Maybe Microsoft should have held onto that 24 hour check-in after all…

Translated Source: Dekazeta

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  • Daniel Manser

    Just a dump of the data (without security sectors) accomplishes nothing. Neither the security of the drive nor the disc has been compromised so far.