PlayStation Russia Claims To Know The Uncharted PS4 Protagonist

Sony Russia Uncharted PS4

PlayStation Russia has named Nathan Drake as the protagonist of Uncharted PS4 with this simple yet utterly spoilery statment (translated),

“We would like to share some important news with you, first trailer of Uncharted on PS4 has been released! Where do you think Nathan Drake’s fate will take him this time?”

This news had gone un-noticed for several hours until NeoGAF user WarrenMax007 snapped it up. Uncharted PS4 was just officially announced during PS4 All Access on the eve of the PlayStation 4 launch.

Do you think this is a legitimate statement? Or do you think PS Russia is simply assuming Nathan Drake will be the protagonist for the newest Uncharted installment? We feel it’s more than likely true based on the brief conversation we recently had with former Naughty Dog lead game designer, Richard Lemarchand. Wherein he’d clued us into his winter vacation plans.

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