Outlet Breaks The Xbox One Review Embargo


So it looks like online news outlet Heavy (?) has the first Xbox One hardware review on the market. And I’ll tell you why; The review embargo on the hardware doesn’t lift for another hour. It seems their news editor should have spent more time examining his international clock app on his smartphone, and less time posting an embargoed review.

Sometimes I wonder why people do these things, and then I see the amount of views on the article…Regardless, it’s a somewhat meaty write-up, but some of the quotes from the article are laughable. Including this gem “Watching TV on your Xbox One just feels right”.¬†And it almost sounds like a mash-up of existing preview information rather than any type of “review”. If you comb through previews from some of the more reputable online retailers, you’ll find the same exact information as is included in Heavy’s review.

A word to heavy.com, I’ve never heard of you prior to this, but everyone knows who you are now! Including Microsoft!

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Dylan Zellmer

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