New Details On Sony Santa Monica’s New IP Emerge Via Job Listing


We’ve known that Sony Santa Monica was assisting in the development of The Order: 1886, but details have been quite scarce as to what they’re up to otherwise. Shuhei Yoshida recently used words like  “Epic, Panic, Extraordinary” to describe the studios new venture. Now a job listing at Sony Santa Monica has shed new light on their project.

The studio is after a Senior Technical Designer for an unannounced title as well as a Senior Level Designer, and that’s where the meat and potatoes of this whole deal start. Here’s the necessary design requirements from the posting:

Design any element in-game including:

* open world level design
* ambient gameplay and side missions
* navigation/platforming challenges
* building 3D environments
* modeling and texturing
* designing and implementing fun/challenging AI layouts
* scripting entities
* placing rough cameras, including animated and entity-triggered cameras
* sound implementation
* level warping and gameflow
* cinematic placement and triggering

An open world with navigating/platforming challenges and cinematic placement and triggering; it sounds an awful lot like an open world next-gen God of War title, but we’re obviously speculating heavily at this point. Now that we have some details, what do you think the studio is working on?

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Dylan Zellmer

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