The PS4 Camera Automatically Broadcasts In-Game Chat


I have yet to pull the trigger on a PS Camera peripheral for my PS4, and it turns out that waiting wasn’t a bad idea. Reports by way of NeoGAF suggest that the camera is in a constant active state while plugged in; “listening” if you will for voice commands and constantly broadcasting any noise it’s able to hear. User Zatoichi’s Cane discovered this while playing a game of FIFA 14 online. He stated the PS4 microphone icon was constantly visible on the screen while playing a versus match, indicating he was actually chatting with the other player, when in fact, he wasn’t.

He went as far as to contact PlayStation support about the matter and the representative he spoke to confirmed there’s no way to disable the feature short of unplugging the device. The rep wasn’t able to elaborate as to whether or not this was a bug or a deliberate feature. Sony has yet to make official confirmation on this report, so we’ll keep this in the very likely rumor column for now.

We’ll update with more information when it becomes available. It’s likely this will be patched during an upcoming update.

UPDATE: We followed up on the matter and SCEA Support has confirmed there’s no way to disable voice commands while the PS Camera is plugged in. Basically, you’d have to either disable the voice command feature or disconnect the camera itself to stop the voice broadcast. It’s confirmed there’s no way to keep ingame players from hearing you talk without alltogether disabling voice commands or unplugging the camera. (Proof Below)


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Dylan Zellmer

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  • ruefrak

    Well, for one, don’t pull the trigger on a PS Eye. You’re going to want a PlayStation Camera for the PS4. The PS Eye was for the PS3. They changed the name of the camera and I think you should probably change it in the article.

    • Thanks for that. Duly noted, didn’t notice the mistake. Freshly updated.

    • Xbot

      lol this is dumb, like the Japanese are really spying on US consumers,

  • Peter G

    Fucking sucks… BURN IT WITH FIRE!!!

  • Slay

    Bricked consoles and now spying! Is Sony trying to go out of business?

    • spideynut71

      Sony to MS : “Anything you can do, I can do better (worse?)”.

      • Megaman


    • GunsAndTheBeast

      oh dont worry low res, conspiracy theorist is on the job making an article on that right now.

    • Boss

      Xbox fanboys.

  • Yo Mama

    Jesus Christ people! Of course the damn camera is always broadcasting what you say. It has a built in mic for people that would rather use it than earphones. As soon as you plug in your earphones, it disables the mic on the camera. This is a non-issue. People need to stop being stupid and actually think a little. I feel like I’m living inside the movie “Idiocracy”.

    If people are complaining about this, can you imagine how much people would complain if they bought the camera and its mic was turned off by default? They’d be burning down buildings and complaining on amazon that the damn camera didn’t work out of the box. Nevermind the fact that they didn’t take the time to read the instructions that it’s off by default and would need to be enabled. Sony can’t win with some people.

    • What I felt was newsworthy was the fact that apparently you can’t disable the feature, short of unplugging the unit. Hopefully the thing isn’t always broadcasting video somewhere while plugged in.

      • Mike Jones

        fairly sure the option will be added with a system update in the future…will be welcomed by all 7 people who actually own a ps4 eye 🙂

    • BillyHoWCR

      “It has a built in mic for people that would rather use it than earphones.”

      What does the camera mic have to do with earphones again???

      • Yo Mama

        Because when you unplug your earphones, the mic on the camera is enabled automatically allowing you to continue voice chat. When you plug your earphones back into your controller, the camera mic is disabled. What aren’t you following?

        • BillyHoWCR

          Are you meaning to say ‘microphone’/’headset’? When you plug the microphone/headset into the controller then the camera mic is disabled?

          “Earphones” have nothing to do with mic input.

          But regardless, try reading the article. They are talking about use of voice commands being enabled but not wanting to use mic, or have anyone listen in to mic while playing a game and having voice commands still active.

          Of course my fix would be to plug a mic in and then mute the mic. But what they are asking for is the simple option to be able to choose NOT to use camera mic as mic but still have voice commands available. Thus a listening but non-broadcasting mic option.

    • gene

      You are spot on people just need to bitch about something I would prefer to use this instead of headphones.

  • Hogfan76

    Some dude got on my chat and started cussing me out he was cool and just playing but evidently heard a convo of my wife and I.

  • Edonus


  • spideynut71


  • GunsAndTheBeast

    easy patch

  • GunsAndTheBeast

    lets hope for a future patch update. They haven’t gone into elaborating their features yet, even more voice commands are yet to be discovered by users, which incidentally you only need a mic to use voice commands. Still very green if you ask me.

  • alchemistx24x7

    The Ps”eye” is a spy cam for the NSA…LMAO

  • watcher278

    Obviously an oversight, I doubt the camera voice chat controls was high on their priorities for launch.

    • Truth

      then $0N¥ needs to gtfo of business.


        you microSAWFT marks need to shut up already

  • ChristianTheAtheist

    Hey guys, I have an idea, it’s fucking genious…don’t buy it.

  • LolWUT

    This is the stupidest fucking article. Whoever wrote this clearly did not know anything about the PlayStation Eye. It has a built in microphone so it acts as a mic if you don’t use a headset. Way to make a mountain out of a molehill.

  • Megaman


  • Truth

    What a poorly designed piece of sh*t. $0N¥ PauperStation Foul alright.

    • Real Truth

      Die already… Just… Die…

  • DarthDiggler

    Plugging in your headset will disable it.

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  • johnnynitross

    The original eye on the PS3 did the same thing, who cares?? It comes in handy now cause of the obvious incompatible headset issue, that little earbud they give u sux.

  • lacrossemonkey89

    Soooooo you just disable the voice commands. Correct me if I’m wrong here since I don’t actually have the camera but I bet it takes approximately 30 seconds to go into the settings and do so where nobody has to even get off the couch to do so.

    They should update it to be able to turn the mic off no doubt (which they probably will) but jesus christ, its been out 4 days people.

    • BillyHoWCR

      I think they are simply looking for an option to use voice commands… (even during a game) and not have it broadcast as mic to other players? That is all.