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The genre of retro gaming is usually met with nostalgia, and in some cases, a stigma. An entire generation of young gamers may have never wished they were a red mustachioed plumber. And they may never even care to try a game like Super Mario out because of the way it looks in comparison to today’s games. Retro games also came at a severe price; your sanity. Games like Contra, Space Invaders, Pitfall, and countless other classic titles had a steep learning curve, and by today’s standards, are considered blisteringly difficult. Resogun manages to offer a quality, retro-grade experience, and it looks damn good while doing it.

The developers at Hosuemarque were at the forefront of the next-gen discussion. They touted the PS4‘s power publicly and often. And its easy to see why. They must have had a ton of fun making Resogun.

Following in the footsteps of more contemporary twin-stick shooters like Sine Mora, Resogun offers an insanely addictive and visceral experience. Housemarque’s goal was to bring beautiful retro-style gaming to next-gen; and they’ve more than succeeded in doing that. They managed to catch nostalgia-lightning in a bottle and infuse it with truly remarkable next-gen tech on the PS4.


The dual stick shooting mechanics harken back to games like Contra where you’re only as good as your instincts. Resogun adds a few notable features to the twin stick formula by way of enemy disintegrating bombs and overdrive beam cannons. You’ll also have access to a booster, which is both an offensive and defensive weapon. It’s an enemy obliterating attack as much as it’s a life saving escape strategy. You’ll notice right out of the gate that Resogun isn’t for the faint of heart. Get ready to hyper-focus and tap into the steely resolve within all of us. Resogun demands nothing less; it’s a harsh mistress, but it’s also one of the more gratifying gaming experiences I’ve had in a very long time.


The visuals are absolutely amazing. The blistering on-screen action is joined by some of the very best particle effects any amount of money could ever hope to buy. The really nice thing about Resogun are the deeply contrasting neon colors. They’re so damn vibrant that it’s next to impossible to lose your place, even among the chaotic action. The sheer amount of collision events happening simultaneously, and the particles that result are unequivocally stunning. And to think this is all taking place at an impressive and steady 60fps. All things considered, Housemarque and Resogun have set the standard of what’s possible from a technical and visual perspective on PS4. It’s easy to see why Resogun utilizes half of the PlayStation 4‘s 8GB DDR5 RAM.

Editors Note: If you recall some of the tech demos Sony used at the PlayStation 4 reveal, you may remember one that featured literally thousands of blue balls (LOL) falling onto a static environment. This was done to display the raw processing power of PS4, and it did so twofold. The amount of particles rendered at once, and the many thousands of collision events occurring simultaneously. Resogun is a practical, entertaining, and highly addictive application of said tech.


Resogun is an arcade-style twin stick shooter. Meaning story elements are pretty much non-existent, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The game never tries to be something it isn’t, it simply focuses on offering you the very best pure gaming experience possible.

At the end of they day, Resogun is easily the most enjoyable, addictive, and intuitive experience I’ve had on the PlayStation 4. Housemarque has managed to mix extraordinary graphic fidelity into a definitive twin-stick shooter romp Cold Stone Creamery-style. Resogun has a level of replayability that developers always strive for, but is rarely achieved. In the end all I have to say is; SAVE THE LAST HUMANS!

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