Microsoft And Xbox Take The High Road


After months of fanboy warfare the battle of the titans is upon us. Sony officially launched the PS4 this morning at 12:01am in the East Coast. Some big surprises came out of Spike TV’s PS4 All Access; Sucker Punch confirmed the release date for inFamous: Second Son and Naughty Dog detailed The Last of Us DLC before officially teasing our pants off with a brief Uncharted PS4 announcement trailer. Needless to say it was a pretty grandiose occasion.

Next week Microsoft will take the spotlight with the Xbox One release at 12:01am November 22nd. The company has taken the high road after being jabbed at by Sony Germany and countless PlayStation fans. Xbox officially congratulated Sony on their PS4 launch this morning, a classy move indeed.

It’s time to restart the clock and countdown to the Xbox One release. Hopefully Sony will return the favor when Microsoft officially introduces their next-gen console to the public.

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Dylan Zellmer

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