The PS4 Warns Gamers Of Overheating


If you’re bored, try checking out the PlayStaiton 4¬†online user guide. When checking the “basics” section you’ll see that the PS4 has a rather cool feature built into it. It seems the PlayStation 4 has the equivalent to a “check engine” light. When the unit begins to overheat it lets you know with its nifty light bar, you know the one that usually glows blue. When the hardware nears boiling point that light will turn red telling you to take a break.

It’s nice to have a notification that the console is nearing its breaking point. The feature may save more than a few units throughout the PS4’s lifespan. If you want to enjoy a second-screen, or receive messages and push notifications from your PS4, check out the official PlayStation App on the Google Play Store.

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Dylan Zellmer

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