The PlayStation App Has Hit Google Play


In anticipation of the PlayStaiton 4 launch this Friday, Sony has released the official PlayStation App on Google Play for Android devices. The app has many of the social features of the PS4 platform built into it. Some of the apps current functionality includes cyber-stalking what your PSN friends are playing, comparing trophies, and viewing their profile or recent activity. There’s also chat and push notification functionality, along with game alerts and invitations. The app will also act as an on-screen keyboard for your PS4 system.

There’s also some parity with the PlayStation Store. You’ll be able to browse the store purchase games and add-ons, and then push them to your PS4 so the downloads initiate when you get home. Select games will also support second-screen functionality. There’s also built-in shortcuts to PlayStation system guides, manuals, and the PS Blog. The only real disclaimer is that you need an active PSN account and the PS4 hardware to use all of the apps features.

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Dylan Zellmer

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