Square Enix Collective Announces It’s Three Dev Accessible IPs


UPDATE: Phil Elliot has reached out to me to provide a bit of clarification on the numbers of the Collective program. All I had to extrapolate figures from yesterday were ambiguously blank pie charts, so it looks like “I’ve made a terrible mistake.” Here’s Elliot’s explanation,

We’re actually wanting devs to walk away with 80% of net sales (net sales is the amount left after you have to pay stuff like platform royalties and sales tax) – and that’s only assuming that you use our IP and we distribute. If it’s original IP and we don’t distribute, we take nothing from net sales at all.

ORIGINAL: When Square Enix first announced its new Collective crowdfunding platform, in conjunction with Indiegogo. It was teased that they’d be making some of their first party IP available to prospective game developers. Today during the publishers Collective discussion at GDC Next the three Collective accessible IP’s were revealed; Gex, Fear Effect and Anachronox. In all reality it’s a diverse assortment of games. One of the principal minds behind Square Enix Collective, Phil Elliot, was quick to point out that the publisher wasn’t looking for direct sequels and wanted to give devs the ability to reboot the franchise, or even “mash-up” the known genres they currently exist in. He also spoke about the fine print behind the program. In regards to revenue breakdown it’s looking like developers will walk away with an estimated 40% of the net sales after platform fees, taxes, and SE’s cut. That’s the case if the dev is looking to follow the Collective process all the way through. Which may be an attractive offer to a developer that’s looking to make their studio or brand synonymous with Square Enix.

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