Steam Keys No Longer Offered With Humble Bundle Purchases


UPDATE: From the Humble Bundle FAQ section:

Why the change?
The new Steam key redemption process will make it even easier to quickly redeem your games on Steam! One click and the games will appear instantly in your library!

How do I redeem my Steam keys?
When you click on a Steam key for the first time you will be walked through a process of linking your Steam account to your Humble Bundle account. Once you have completed this process you will never have to do it again! When you click on the button for your Steam key, the game will automatically be redeemed to your account with just one click!

ORIGINAL: The new Humble Weekly Sale is from Team 17 and it’s offering a crap ton of Worms and Alien Breed. But here’s the thing. Users are reporting that they aren’t receiving Steam keys on their purchases. The Humble purchases now link directly to your Steam account. In the past you’ve been able to distribute your Steam keys that were provided from Humble Weekly sales and Humble Bundle purchases in any fashion you saw fit. It now appears that practice has gone the way of the Dodo.

We’ll update with more information as it becomes available.

Source: NeoGAF

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  • Zakar Smith

    I don’t think this is good news at all.

    • They may see a considerable drop in business as a result, but I know Steam keys have been an issue over there for some time.

  • Nulgar

    I don’t see any use in this. Packacking the games in one Steam bundle would’ve had the same effect, you can’t sell already owned games individually. I don’t really want to link every account I have somewhere to another offsite account. I don’t even want to link my YT account to my (auto-generated) Google+ profile…