South Park: The Stick of Truth Delayed & New Gameplay Trailer


Obsidian Entertainment has decided to delay South Park: The Stick of Truth into 2014. March 4th, 2014 will now mark South Park’s return to home console greatness. The new release date is a full year after it’s original relase date when it was to be published by the now defunct THQ. Trey Parker and Matt Stone had this to say,

“We always wanted the game to feel like you’re actually in an episode of South Park,” said Stone and Parker. “Getting the game up to the crappy standards of the show has been a real challenge and we’re excited to say it’s taken way longer than we thought it would.”

South Park: The Stick of Truth is now being published by Ubisoft, and Obsidian will be understandably relieved once the game is finally out the door. The new gameplay trailer looks pretty amazing and does more than stay true to South Park’s signature style and hilarious antics.


We’ll wait as long as is necessary to play this game. The turn based strategy combat lets each character deliver their own blend easter egg ridden pain, and we can’t wait to tear shit up, Professor Chaos-style.

Source: YouTube

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