Microsoft Hasn’t Forgotten About Xbox One Digital Game Gifting


One of the things that didn’t rub me the wrong way about Microsoft‘s initial vision for the Xbox One was digital game gifting. It’s a feature that’s never made its way to consoles before. Steam has offered the popular feature for some time now. During a recent Reddit AMA, Xbox Live director Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) was asked about the possibility of the digital gifting making debuting on Xbox One, to which he replied, “great feature we’d like to add in someday, but it won’t be there at launch”.

This matches my prediction (my very last response in the discussion) during our post E3 Microsoft 180 discussion. Nelson also mentioned that Microsoft has, “really exciting things” planned for Xbox One post launch. A statement that’s in-line with something Phil Harrison recently said about he possibility of AR/VR coming to the console.

We’ll have to see what the Xbox crew has in store for us after the console launches November 22nd.

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Dylan Zellmer

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