Keighley Announces PS4 All Access Live On Spike TV


Earlier this evening GTTV host Goeff Keighly teased an announcement going live at 11pm EST on his Twitter feed. That time has since passed and we’re one announcement richer. Sony is giving Spike quite the exclusive. The PlayStation 4 is hitting Spike TV on 11/14 at 11pm EST for an epic night of PS4 announcements and premieres. PS4 All Access is, of course, on the eve of the PlayStation 4 U.S. launch.

The announcement has inevitably spawned more questions than it has answers. Keighley thankfully gave a bit of an update on the situation by confirming that we’ll see new game announcements during the show. The event will be live-streamed worldwide.

So what’ll it be? Naughty Dog fancies making announcements during the Spike’s VGA‘s. Maybe they’ll step up and make an announcement during this very special PS4 themed Spike event.

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Dylan Zellmer

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