Sony Has Removed The Street Dates From All Of Their PS4 Launch Software


GameStop has been full of surprises recently. PlayStation 4 accessories are flying off the shelves weeks before the console hits the market. Not to mention the fact that Killzone Shadow Fall, a PlayStation 4 launch title is now available for purchase. Add the fact that there’s also several third party chat headsets available for the PS4, and we’ve got quite the situation on our hands. Power to the players!

iGR has now been informed that Sony has lifted ALL street dates from their PS4 accessories and launch software. It’s been confirmed to us that PS4 launch titles like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Battlefield 4 will be available November 12th. Three days prior to the launch of the console. There’s even talk that the SCEJ launch title Knack may be showing up ahead of schedule.

This information comes from a reliable source within GameStop. When referring to PS4 games being available for purchase pre-launch, the source stated, “It’s great for us, because we’re now looking at one dedicated console line on November 15th.”

We’ll update with more information if we receive it.

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Dylan Zellmer

Dylan splits time between games journalism, designing video games, and playing them. Outside of his deep involvement in the games industry, he enjoys It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Shameless, A Song of Ice and Fire, fitness, and family.
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  • the creep

    why, when you cant play it??

    • Like the article states, it makes sense for both Sony and GameStop to get the pre-orders out the door before the console. It’s going to be a major boost to sales AND it makes the actual PS4 launch go smoother.

      • Slay

        There will also be a major boost in returns.

  • alex

    It’d bee nice if Microsoft did this as well so I’m not standing in lines to pick up my games on the 22nd. Maybe they make all their games available on the 15th? lol

    • It’s really nice so you don’t have thousands of dollars worth of merchandise in your hand with people all over the place.

      • alex

        Yeah, I pre-ordered mine from Amazon, so I won’t have to go pick it up in a store, but I can definitely see some shenanigans happening for people on launch day who are carrying around their consoles, games and accessories.

        • Slay

          Nobody will steal the waitstation. The only console people want to steal is the xbox one. It’s the only console that matters.

          • Your mother

            LMAO who would steal a fucking bone???

          • Slay

            I wouldn’t steal one because it’s on preorder. I can actually afford a next-gen console. You got the ps4 because you couldn’t afford the xbox one. It’s ok… some people like to “settle for less”.

          • Your mother

            LMAO why should i spend $500 on a useless bone?

          • Slay

            You don’t have the money, so you make excuses. You know you want one. I can even see it.

          • Your mother

            with $500 i can get a PS4 and two games šŸ™‚ enjoy your expensive bone LOL

          • Slay

            Enjoying waiting for exclusives. I’ll be playing yours on my iphone. *Cough indies lol cough*

          • Your mother

            Wow you have GOW, Uncharted, TLOU, KZ, GT and LBP on your iphone? cool what phone is that? šŸ˜€

          • Slay

            Those are on ps3. Nice of you to admit that you have nothing on ps4.


          • Your mother

            lol i know i know, you’re begging for PS4’s exclusives, right? kid don’t cry…… come i hug you…

          • Slay

            I can play them on pc or iphone currently.


          • Your mother

            don’t cry, i know that feel bro… we should avoid the bone and get a ps4 instead… it is more powerful, it has more games, and most importantly, its exclusives are superior in terms of quality and quantity… = = let’s switch to PS camp, okay? šŸ˜€

          • Slay

            Nope. I don’t like to “settle for less”.

          • Your mother

            okay it’s up to you kid. Yay conversation over!

          • Slay

            Lol, you do realize that you were insanely wrong on all fronts.
            More exclusives? You only have one exclusive. Killzone. Knack doesn’t county because it’s just LMAO. The rest are indies on the pc and iphone. They don’t count as real games or real exclusives.
            More powerful? No game on the Ps4 showed that it was more powerful than the xbox one. They don’t call it a indie station for nothing. The mulitplates on the xbox are better as well.
            More Games? If you actually count 2 dollar indie games as games, than it’s debatable. Anyone with logic wouldn’t count them.
            I don’t need to go further. I can embarrass you all day.

          • Jeremy Babcock

            The only notable exclusive for ms that I’m aware of is titanfall.. which will be on the pc as well..

            You wont play kz on pc though. Of course I will play knack as almost every review of the game has been positive. Also a game you won’t find on pc…

            Even if ms did have a better offering I think it is obsurd to buy a console strictly based on what it offers the first month of launch.

          • Slay

            You forgot the rest of microsofts lineup, which all won awards. KI,DR3,Forza 5, and the rest of the exclusives they announced at E3. It’s raining exclusives on xbox one. Normal people buy a console on what it has at launch. Idiots(like you), buy paperweights for hopes and promises that aren’t even here yet.

          • Jeremy Babcock

            Like i said… the only notable exclusive I’m aware of is TitanFall.

          • Slay

            Like I said… uninformed.


          • Martin Brentnall

            That’s some fine trolling Slay. :p

          • PSS

            You should read more, Slay. PS4 has more raw power. The developers are using this extra power to provide better things to PS4’s game. Go read some reviews (Assassin’s Creed:Black Flag and Battlefield 4 ) and also some developers comments. I hope that i helped you seeing which is the best console ( don’t make any silly comment before you actually research what i’ve told you).

          • Slay

            Looks like you got your source from Wikipedia…

          • hokage

            ur pretty dumb when it comes to this arent u. I just have two words for u. MARK CERNEY

          • Slay

            Wtf is a mark cerney? A guy that works for sony, hyping his product that he made. Stop the press.


          • PS44THEWIN

            Why not buy both then if u have so much money.


          • Steven Solidarios

            Don’t forget Xbone users have to buy separate rechargeable battery packs for each of their controllers!

          • andy

            Forget about not wanting a bone, who wants a 720p games console in 2013? LMFAO. Enjoy being bled dry by Microsoft for another generation starting with the Xbone itself, sap.

          • MarkyMark

            LOL are you retarded?

          • hakesterman

            Only a Retard.

          • Steven Solidarios

            Your right! Everyone wants a real 720p up converting machine! Not this 1080p native shit!

          • nate

            Ha. thank you

          • luvthesnapper

            you really are sick, aren’t you. lol

          • hakesterman

            Xbone Doesn’t Matter, it’s Garbage.

      • Slay

        That is why you pick up a cart. You’ve heard of those right? You know, when you go grocery shopping…

  • VGscene

    Great news!

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  • Slay

    It will be removed from store shelves when people see what a flop it is. Greatness awaits on November 22nd.

    • Omen

      Jeez. Why must you be such a hater? Just get your Xbox One and leave the PS4 alone.

      • Slay

        I don’t like trash, and when I don’t like trash, I take it out. šŸ˜‰

        • Omen

          You’re what’s wrong with the world. This is why we can’t have nice things. With words like that, I hope your xbox breaks.

          • Slay

            I’m only making the world a better place. If my xbox breaks, I’m in good hands. Microsoft fixes consoles for free, unlike sony who charges you. I’m sure you’ve heard of the lawsuits they went through because of their shady business practices. Learn your history, child.

        • Rodger

          You must be sitting at the dump right now, because you took yourself there..

  • ulegless

    cant wait to pick mine up next Tuesday

  • Hulkamania

    man… Sony is seriously kicking the shit out of Microsoft every which way possible…

    • Slay


      • brain

        Slay you are stupid, and you know it. So cut the shit out! šŸ™‚

      • Shawn


      • TraceSkipper

        haha should put to bed the rumour that network problems delayed watch dog and drive club b/c of dmr in sony’s network code.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        u mad bro?

        • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

          too much of your own medicine Slay? #dealwithit, and quit showing off ur immaturity by downvoting will ya? the people have spoken, and are tired of you. you fail at captivating people with your words.

    • How?

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        what do you think?

    • Agent Smith

      Wrong. This is Sony trying to cover their butts with the rumors of the DRM removal in the day 1 patch, the fact that your blu ray player won’t even work until you’re connected to the internet, and the news of the possible over heating problem. They just want to make sure that people don’t start cancelling their pre-orders. Sony is just trolling everyone at Microsoft’s expense.

      • TheFanboySlayer

        All of what you said a rumors -__- not confirmations. ur choice to believe them or not but just so everyone know, no one knows for sure.

        • Agent Smith

          The majority of next gen rumors have been coming to fruition. Dont be surprised if Sony makes an announcement soon to cover their a$$es.

      • Steven Solidarios

        Because xboner and wiiU don’t have a day one patch too. Its all a conspiracy!

        • Agent Smith

          That’s not even the point I was making. The point was that Sony is trolling everyone by rolling out a patch to change DRM policies that they claim were never in place to begin with. I swear, Sonybots don’t hear, or in this case, read, anything completely unless it’s coming from Sony directly.

          • Steven Solidarios

            Whether they were going to use DRM or not, they are not now! Microsoft was too stupid to see what would happened and they got burned for it! I have had every system up till now, but I’m skipping xboner for now. They already said their priorities are multimedia, not the hardcore gamer. Sony wants to make a great system for games. Im sold!

          • Neo

            Well out of sight out of mind.
            If you are correct, which i doubt you’re not.
            If you have valid proof of your accusations then maybe i would consider your thoughts.
            But it doesn’t enlighten me in the slightest as it is all speculation from the reality of Ms’s failed DRM policys.
            And on Which MS retreated on. So because sony is making a patch makes them liars?.. hmm. nice logic

      • Neo

        i kinda understand your logic.
        but if they release the items before ms just for the sole purpose on selling more items, it makes more sense.

    • Steven Solidarios

      Gaikai incoming…………

  • JesterMarcus

    Is this just for Gamestop? I have Killzone preordered from Target (had a gift card). Its not supposed to arrive until the 20th or later. Would be great if it came sooner.

    • i wouldn’t rule out other retailers, but we were told this information from a GameStop source. Their statement was close to, but not exactly, “Sony wants us to push as much gear and games as possible, so they’re making them available early.” If this is really the case, they may be getting other retailers like Target some stock as well.

      • JesterMarcus

        Hey thanks for the info.

        PS: How do we get down voted? People have no lives.

        • Slay

          Why do you worry about downvotes? Does it affect your life that much?

          • JesterMarcus

            Just because I mentioned it doesn’t mean I necessarily care. Do you actually care every single time you ask how somebody’s day was or ask “what’s up”? Be honest.

  • Duke117

    yup this is happening cause just today…

    • Slay

      Look at that flop.

  • John Pombrio

    I won’t buy any games for my preordered console until they have gotten into the hands of the reviewers. These are completely new platforms and until the final hardware is out and the game tested on it, I can wait a week or so.

    • Murray that OG

      Very good call, sir

  • Welshie

    I know how good it looks for the Fanchildren that defend a console that supported complete restrictions on most parts of what made a Game Console function. A company that wanted DRM everything and decided against it after their Pre-O #’s fell too low.

    Now how does the competitor look that is For the Gamers? My thoughts exactly. Just making all Xbox fans look like ignorant, obese garbage. A real credit to the Pre-teen community!

  • Guest

    $0NĀ„ PauperStation Foul will fail in the long run. It’s their destiny with all their lies, overhype and underdeliver. Poor paupers!

  • PatcherStation

    I still say that the PS4 has a thin range of launch games, even with Watch Dogs and DriveClub. Most people have pre ordered a PS4 due to E3, but now, the PS4 doesn’t look too good at launch. Delayed games will be delayed for months and months, there won’t be a quick fix. If some launch games don’t sell enough, future games will be put on hold until these games reach a certain sales level. But at some point, I think the PS4 and even the Xbox One will start messing about with game releases, causing a lot of delays. But I think Sony will be at it more. It’s not a console war, it’s a games war, as games sell consoles. I don’t think Sony will be able to keep up with Microsoft who have a lot more money to throw at gaming. Sony will keep it going at launch and in 2014, but I think they’ll be the first to fall. Somehow, I think the PS4 is all talk.

    • Matt Shukers

      You are forgetting the free games you get on the PS4 along with the indie games. Your only looking at the major release titles. Plus if Gaikai does come out next year then PS4 will have the most extensive game library of all time.

    • plcn

      how is Sony all talk when they are letting their actual products show up in stores ahead of schedule? what a strange reaction to this news

      • PatcherStation

        All talk as in Sony saying the PS4 is this and that. How long will they keep it going for? I don’t think the PS4 will be all bells and whistles like it’s been made out to be. My money is on the Xbox One for next gen.

        • plcn

          if you don’t trust Sony, and you believe they are lying in their Q&A disclosure, then what can I say. Not sure how Microsoft earned your wallet’s trust, but congrats to them for pulling it off.

  • thuglove68


  • dirkradke

    The PS4 and XB1 have both managed a better launch of games that will be out when the console launches or within the launch window which I think is supposed to be 3 months or 1 quarter than the PS3 and XB360.

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  • GO AHEAD DELETE MY COMMENTS AGAIN NOOB!! (I’ll just block your entire site from showing up in my searches ever again)

    • What? I’m perfectly content grabbing the popcorn and raising my flame shield to spectate. No one deleted your comments.

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  • Slay

    I thought you were done. I don’t like to wait for games. I like to play them now.

  • Slay

    and you proved my point that the xbox’s version looked better.

    • Steph

      Lol I was reading ur comments and while I totally agree with them, the way u wrote em out is awesome haha. Ps4 people are fanboys to a fault, can’t see how their system is status quo, nothing new but power, wow what an innovation….xb1 is amazing to, love mine

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  • Paladinrja

    Might have alot to do with the fact SM3DW is releasing the same day as the console. Its a good idea, lets gamers get thier Sony good for thier pre-ordered PS4 now and SM3DW when they pickup the console.

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  • GameonAll

    Man how dense are some of you – SO WHAT – I have Killzone and Dualshock 4 and no system to run them on yet and have had them for a week now

    How in this this news? Thank you Sony for letting me look at my new game with no new system for a few weeks – that’s awesome.