A Game Called Killzone 4 Is Available For Pickup At GameStop Tomorrow


UPDATE: The rumors and horribly worded texts are true. Killzone Shadow Fall is available for pickup at your local GameStop. If you’ve pre-ordered it’s there waiting for you, and if you haven’t you may be able to grab one of the extra copies they have. My local store manager confirmed these details.

ORIGINAL: I was in the midst of a Forza Motorsport 4  race with my 3 year-old son when I received a text message. About ten minutes later, after our race (we just crash into each other) I finally checked the message and I was surprised to see it was from GameStop. Apparently, a game called Killzone 4 is available for pickup Tuesday PM?

After speaking to the store manager at my nearest location it doesn’t sound like this is a legit notification. He literally had no notice that the store would be receiving PlayStation 4 games prior to launch, but he didn’t completely rule it out. As we know, DualShock 4 controllers and PS Eye accessories are available for purchase right now.

I’m not getting my hopes up, though. The fact that the text didn’t read “Your Killzone Shadow Fall” order available Tue PM makes me suspect that this text was supposed to read Battlefield 4. But there’s still issues with that possibility. Battlefield 4 is releasing this evening at midnight, not tomorrow evening. At this point I’m puzzled. We’ll keep you in the loop if this turns out to be legit.

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