I’m Looking Forward To Accepting My Xbox One Invitation

Alright, let’s be honest for a minute. When Microsoft sauntered out in front of millions of viewers back in May to reveal their new, shiny, next-gen box, the result was less than desirable. Fast forward to E3 and things only got worse for the Xbox brand. In fact, things became so ugly that the Xbox One was whisked away for a spa makeover. Microsoft hoped that the mani-pedi and deep tissue massage would loosen the tense, constraining nature of the Xbox One, and it did. The rigid, foreboding nature of the Xbox One DRM structure melted away like many muscle knots before it. The Xbox came out of that weekend retreat a new device. The future was once again bright, and Xbox’s many million admirers began to believe again.

Since Xbox One’s early identity crisis there’s been talk about the console being behind its competition in the pre-order column. And let’s not forget that ugly rumor about next-gen games running at 720p. It seems like every step the Xbox takes, someone is there to push it back two.


Throughout this timeframe, it appeared the Xbox marketing division had been struggling for ways to reel in their wary fan base that had betrayed them for another. Until now. The Xbox One Invitation commercial is a return to form for the brand. It may be slightly derivitive of the “Michael” campaign Sony ran a while back, but the Xbox One Invitation television spot made me feel something I hadn’t yet felt towards the One. Invested. I felt like I was being lovingly welcomed back after a brief hiatus.

The Xbox One will meet its fate in just over a fortnight, and I’m starting to feel excited again. The launch lineup has always had me interested, but my overall view of the large black box was one of uncertainty, it looks like my invitation arrived just in time.

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Dylan Zellmer

Dylan splits time between games journalism, designing video games, and playing them. Outside of his deep involvement in the games industry, he enjoys It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Shameless, A Song of Ice and Fire, fitness, and family.
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  • You are flat out wrong

    Invitation rejected. Looking forward to watch the cancer console crash and burn.