The DualShock 4 Controller Is Available For Purchase


Are you ready for the PlayStation 4 launch? If you’re itching for the touch, the feel, of next-gen; head out to your local GameStop. Unlike game consoles and software, accessories have no “street date” making them available for purchase as soon as the retailer has them in stock. And accessories are on hand at most of the retailers locations right now. This is fantastic news for those that want to get a feel for the DualShock 4 before the PS4 launch. Remember, you can actually use the next-gen controller on select PlayStation 3 titles if it’s plugged into the console.

If you’re already planning on purchasing a second controller, buying one now is a great way to spread out your next-gen expenditures. The PlayStation 4 launch is upon us in a mere 22 days, but if you just can’t wait any longer, head over to a North American GameStop to get your first taste.

Source: NeoGAF

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