The Xbox One May Have VR In It’s Long-Term Plan


In a recent interview with Edge-Online, Microsoft corporate VP Phil Harrison didn’t rule out the possibility of VR coming to the Xbox One. To be more specific, he hinted at it. When asked if Microsoft was looking into AR/VR technology for the Xbox One, Harrison replied,

We wouldn’t make any specific announcements here but we’ve put USB 3.0 ports on Xbox One for a reason, which is that we want high bandwidth communication with other accessory or companion devices.

A follow-up question asked if Microsoft is looking to release that kind (VR/AR) of hardware itself and Harrison answered, “I’m not going to speculate but we definitely designed the platform to extend over time” The long-term plan at Microsoft in regards to Xbox One was to produce a future-proof console, and VR/AR may play an enormous role in the future of gaming. It’s good to see that Microsoft isn’t completely close-minded to the issue thinking that its Kinect device is the end-all-be-all.

There were rumors that Sony was to reveal an VR headset at TGS 2013, but that didn’t pan out. For now this little tease will have to go in the speculation column, but it sounds like there’s something happening in the R&D department at Microsoft in regards to AR/VR.

Source: Edge-Online

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  • SteveS

    Hope they will support oculus rift – in combination with kinect it´s just more awesome…endless possibiities 🙂