A Portuguese Xbox One Installation Manual Has Leaked – English Translated


If you were wondering if there was any difference in the setup of an Xbox One than there is on current-gen consoles, you’re out of luck. The leaked Xbox One installation manual is in Portuguese. UNTIL NOW! Here’s the fully translated version of the directions. Besides the image above, you can click here to see the actual PDF document.

English translated instructions:

Follow the screen instructions and connect to the Internet Get Xbox Live Gold

• Experience unrivaled multiplayer games with an intelligent system for creating games.

• Enjoy films in HD, TV shows, music and sports.

• Use Skype, Internet Explorer and other entertainment applications.

• In addition, any person in your home can access the benefits of Xbox Live on your Xbox Gold One.* Learn more at xbox.com/goldonxboxone Helpful Tips The initial system configuration and some features and downloads require broadband Internet (ISP fees apply)

See System Requirements on the outside of the box for more details. A TV HD 720p or higher with HDMI or compatible is required:

• Connect the HDMI cable to your TV and to the “HDMI OUT” on the console. The console does not work with component cables or composite. It is recommended to connect your decoder cable/satellite to the console:

• For the best entertainment experience, connect your decoder cable/satellite to the “HDMI IN” on the console. Use another existing HDMI cable (sold separately) to connect to the console. Visit xbox.com/xboxone/gettingstarted for more details.

If your Kinect sensor is not working:

• Check that the sensor is connected to the console, positioned between 1.9 foot and 6 feet above the ground, and remove the plastic film. Visit xbox.com/xboxone/gettingstarted for more support.

If the control without the film does not connect to the console:

• Check that the controller and the console are connected. If necessary, press the connect button on the back of the control and press the connect button on the side left console. Do not place anything on top of the console.

• To avoid possible damage to the unit, keep the vents clear of the island. Need more help? Visit: xbox.com/xboxone/gettingstarted or contact Xbox Support by phone at 1800-891-9835.

In other Xbox One news, there are rumors that Titanfall and Call of Duty Ghosts are indeed running at a native 720p on Microsoft’s next-gen console. Remember, these are unconfirmed claims at this time, but no not one Infinity Ward or Respawn Entertainment developer has outright denied this claim. The same can be said about Albert Penello, the lead planner for the Xbox One.

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