New Direct Feed The Order: 1886 Screenshots Are Here


As part of Game Informer’s exclusive coverage of The Order: 1886 the outlet revealed a host of brand new screenshots. Unfortunately the online quality was less than desirable. Fortunately, the folks over at GamerSyde managed to get some direct feed screenshots from the title. These are the exact same as GI’s but the quality is exceedingly better. Ready at Dawn has created an alternate universe that’s been entrenched in a thousand-year war with half-breed humans that have taken on “bestial” traits.

The main protagonist goes by the name Sir Galahad. He and his team members Lady Igraine, Marquis de Lafayette, and Sir Percival comprise The Order, a modern-day Knights of the Round Table. Their task is to use their synthetically granted superhuman abilities to battle the half-breed threat. Early on in the narrative a new threat emerges and The Order is tasked with battling multiple foes. The team at Ready at Dawn has reportedly had The Order in concept since 2005 and were one of the first to be working with PlayStation 4 dev kits. Here’s the brand new direct feed screens to drool over.

The Order: 1886 is coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 in 2014

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