Rumor – Titanfall Also Running Native 720p On Xbox One


The rumor mill keeps on churning. Just when we all thought we were done for the night, CBOAT pulls us back in! First was the claim that Call of Duty Ghosts is running at native 720p on the Xbox One that was not outright disputed by Xbox One exec Albert Penello. As things wound on throughout what is now over 80 pages worth of thread, respected NeoGAF user CBOAT chimed in with his signature cryptic messaging. His post was an all out attack on Penello’s earlier comments. During said post he implied that the Respawn Entertainment title – Titanfall is also running at 720p.

If confirmed this is huge news for several reasons. First off, the Xbox 360 up-scales 720p currently, meaning that the Call of Duty Ghosts and Titanfall Xbox One versions have little to no difference over it’s 360 counterpart, besides the $499 price tag to play them.

This is RAMPANT speculation at this point, but CBOAT has proven more than reliable in the past. We’ll wait on confirmation before removing the rumor tag from the article.

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Dylan Zellmer

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