Respawn Entertainment Has A Titanfall Announcement Heading Our Way

“Be the First to Fall into Titanfall” Titanfall-Twitter-Announcement

The official Twitter account for Respawn Entertainment‘s Titanfall rang out yesterday evening teasing an announcement set to hit sometime today. The message “Be the First to Fall into Titanfall” accompanied a brand new screenshot from the game (above).

There’s little speculation as to what the meaning of the message is, but I suppose the phrasing could mean a number of things. What’s the significance of the “First” being capitalized? My guess is on a Beta being announced, but Major Nelson did make a curious statement during a recent Reddit AMA. When asked about Titanfall being a timed exclusive on the Xbox One, Nelson said, “As far as being an exclusive that’s really a question for Titanfall – I’m not worried about it though.” That sounds more like the ramblings of a teenager being asked if he and his were going steady, but it could shed some light onto what the big announcement is.

We’ll keep you up-to-date with the information as it becomes available.

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Dylan Zellmer

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