PlayStation 4’s Party Chat Support Is Shaping Up


An inquisitive fan had a great question answered by Sid Shuman of the PS Blog. It seems that chat is greatly improving on the PlayStation 4. Back in June/July it was revealed that the PS4 would feature a packed-in headset and a later PS4 Q&A session confirmed that Party Chat will be a feature of the console and that it will be cross-game compatible.

Shuman also confirmed that Party Chat will also be cross-platform with the PS Vita and it will support up to 8 players. We also reported that Killzone Shadow Fall would feature dedicated servers for it’s online multiplayer component.

It’s starting to look like Sony‘s claims that they’re building a more serious social infrastructure into the PlayStation 4 are true. The fact that online multiplayer will require a PlayStation Plus subscription means that the next generation of PlayStation Network will have more capitol to deliver said features.

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Dylan Zellmer

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