Learn More About Humanity’s Fight Against The Goblins In PS4’s Knack


SCEJ‘s Knack, unlike DRIVECLUB, will launch alongside the PS4 in less than a month’s time. The brainchild of PlayStation 4 system architect Mark Cerny, Knack looks to recapture the challenging simplicity of games like Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter. The control scheme is the simple part, you won’t see hotkeys or complex button combinations in Knack. But you will have to truly master the inputs that control humanity’s last hope against the goblin horde to be successful.

Knack is a golem of sorts. A protector that’s been fashioned with ancient relics and brought to life by a Doctor that was able to tap a mysterious power locked within them. The Doctor, his assistant Lucas, Lucas’ uncle Ryder (world-renowned explorer), and Viktor (the billionaire industrialist responsible for mining the ancient relics that power Knack as well as machinery, vehicles, and more) will form the fellowship that accompanies Knack on his adventure.

However, Viktor’s grand ambitions put him at odds with the party and he strikes out with his own army of soldiers and robots. That means you’ll have to compete with the goblins and their soldiers, tanks, mechs, and airships (all of which are of unknown origin) and Viktor’s army.


Also briefly detailed is Knack’s ability to absorb more relics to become larger and more powerful. He’s also able to take-in elements like fire, ice, wood, and metals. This works to offer new gameplay options. Each one provides strong pros and cons during combat.

One thing is for certain. Knack is at the very top of our list for anticipated PlayStation 4 launch titles. I enjoyed a 15-20 minute demo of the game back in August and left impressed. We’re looking forward to experiencing the whole story very soon.

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Dylan Zellmer

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