Kickstarter Projects You Should Pay Attention To 10/16

We’re heading into a big week here on the Spotlight. A handful of projects we’ve publicized in the past are on their way to completion, and there’s a couple new projects we want to give a bit of attention to. There’s actually four projects we’ve given a good amount of our time to in the past that have either finished up or destroyed their goal ahead of time. We’ll start off with our newbies and give some important updates before we wrap up!

World 1-1 Concept Lounge Creations – Gaming Documentary


We know one thing for sure, Jeanette Garcia and Daryl Rodriguez are really passionate about two things – film and gaming. They’ve chosen to turn to Kickstarter in the late stages of pre-production for their gaming documentary World 1-1. The concept of the documentary is quite far-reaching, but the first film in the series is focused on the meteoric rise and fall of Atari. The project will consist of interview segments, archival footage, and retellings of the period to introduce the kickoff of the gaming industry to a new generation of gamers. Were going back, before disc based games, before online multiplayer, and even before the birth of the coin-op arcade. Concept Lounge Creations has lined up interviews with the people who know the rise and fall of Atari the best; the founders of the console and those who made games for it. The co-creator of Atari, Nolan Bushnell has an interview confirmed with the filmmakers, as well as David Crane (co-founder Activision) and Dona Bailey (co-creator Centipede). The team is asking for funding to travel around the U.S. and complete in-person interviews and commence full production on World 1-1. Whether you’re an old fart like me, or a fresh-faced, bright-eyed gamer, World 1-1 has something to offer. Head over to Kickstarter to help fund this very awesome docu-film.

Eden Star – Flix Interactive – PC


Eden Star is physics based, sandbox-style, free-running, first person sci-fi game from Flix Interactive. The game’s ultra interactive destructible world is primed for strong physics-based combat, and the team is harnessing true next-gen tech to make it happen. Eden Star is being built future-proof with Epic‘s Unreal Engine 4. Eden Star features a gracious blend of exciting gameplay genres. Minecraft-style freeform construction is balanced with highly destructive environments and dynamic free-running navigation. The combat is empowering and visceral, the freeform navigation fluid, and the creation engine the envy of games like Terraria. The art style takes cues from games like Half-Life and films like TRON. In Eden Star’s fiction Earth is becoming exceedingly barren and absent of life-sustaining resources. Eden Star is a migration-class vessel and you’re an augmented pioneer tasked with collecting valuable resources and exporting them home to restore balance. Your current mission is to explore and excavate a derelict colony known as Pharus 7. The alien world is yours to exploit, destroy, or revive. Eden Star feels like an epic-scale space odyssey unconstrained by the binds of convention or shackles of scripted sequences. The reward tiers are full to the brim with goodies and Flix is offering full access to their Pre-Alpha combat demo no matter what pledge tier you choose. Help bring the world of Pharus 7 to life by pledging your support to Eden Star on Kickstarter.


Universum: War Front – StarworksArt Studio – PC, Mac, Linux


We’ve covered this gem on more than one occasion. Universum: War Front offers a distinct blend of RTS, MOBA, and third person shooter elements all in one beautiful package. If you’re looking for a full preview, check out our article we published prior to Universum going live on Kickstarter. The really amazing thing about this awesome project is that it’s come this far under the watchful eye of one man, Cyril Megem of StarworksArt Studio. The project has now destroyed it’s initial funding goal and gone on to achieve it’s first stretch goal. There’s still fifteen days to go on the campaign and a nice selection of stretch goals still waiting to be unlocked. Check out Universum: War Front on Kickstarter!

Game Cave Vol 01 – SketchCraft


For me, this project redefines the word nostalgia. It seems many of life’s joys are all too fleeting. The vibrant pages that used to fill our monthly print magazine subscription have gone the way of the Dodo. Pick up a Game Informer nowadays and it’s nothing more than one giant buying guide. The bulk of the articles are nothing more than previews for games that GameStop just happens to be pushing in the said time frame. If you read digital it’s even worse. Take @Gamer magazine for instance. The digital edition is chock full of direct links to Best Buy‘s product catalog. Rob Duenas of SketchCraft wants to do away with the monotony and bring vivid, video game inspired original artworks and energetic content back to our front doorsteps and/or monitors. If you feel the same way as I do, save the renewal fee on your GameStop Power Up Rewards program and put it towards Game Cave, something that’s original and dare I say; collectible?

The Ballads of Reemus 2 – Jay Ziebarth – PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android


The point and click adventure is fast becoming one of my favorite game genres. Games like The Secret of Monkey Island helped vault the adventure game into mainstream adoption in the early 90’s. The new breed of adventure games headed by the likes of Telltale Games and their amazing work with The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us as well as Zeebarf‘s (Jay) The Ballads of Reemus are helping revive the genre. The second installment in the Ballads of Reemus series just crossed the finish line on Kickstarter, and were very happy for talented artist and all around good Canadian citizen, Jay Ziebarth. We’ve covered the medieval exterminating ways of Reemus in past spotlights, but we couldn’t help but include the colorful, beer bellied, insect slayer again. Head over to Kickstarter to help Reemus go on a ballad worthy adventure!

The Long Dark – Hinterland – PC


The Long Dark‘s Kickstarter-campaign was rife with stress, anticipation, and ultimately elation for developer Hinterland. The group faced a bit of adversity during the middle ground of the campaign. They were even told by members of the industry to switch on the wrap-it-up box before the end of the funding period. Perseverance and the support of their community kept the newly formed development studio afloat in the hard times. We’re happy to report that The Long Dark finished it’s funding period 25% above their goal, no small feat by any means. All together the studio has $256,217 to pump into the development of their hardcore survival simulation. We’ve mentioned the project a number of times here on iGR, and we couldn’t be happier for Hinterland.

That was an absolutely exhausting write-up, but the things in life that are worth a damn it typically aren’t easy. It’s a very happy time here in the spotlight. Four fantastic games have been made possible by the crowdfunding community, and we’re eternally thankful to be a part of the movement. We introduced two fantastic undertakings to you this week, and it’s impossible for me to choose a frontrunner between them. Besides picking a winner when the combatants are part of two completely separate mediums is a tricky thing. Both Eden Star and World 1-1 are quality campaigns that deserve a bit of the push after a slow start. It’s quite obvious that the only thing that Flix needs is more media coverage for Eden Star, so here you go! The same can be said about World 1-1, there are tons of reasons why this film should be made. I’m an enormous fan of world history, I believe that we need to truly learn from our past to enrich our future, and World 1-1’s documentary of Atari is a perfect example of that exact sentiment. As always, thanks for being here. You can follow iGR’s many exploits on Facebook and Twitter, as well as myself personally. See you next week!

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