The Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up #23


The Wrestling
Austin Aries def. Jeff Hardy via pin fall with a Brainbuster suplex off the middle rope
ODB def. Jesse Godderz via DQ when Lei’D Tapa attacked ODB
Knockouts Title #1 Contender Match: Brooke Tessmacher def. Velvet Sky via pin fall with a roll up
Bound For Glory Opportunity: Sting & Magnus def. Bad Influence via pin fall with a Scorpion Death Drop
Handicap Match: AJ Styles def. Knux & Garrett Bischoff via pin fall with a roll-up

The Stories

Dixie Carter, Worst CEO Ever (Except For Those Enron Guys)/ TNA World Heavyweight Championship
= Dixie Carter opened the show, verbally tearing down Hulk Hogan without once saying his name. She then talked up her own accolades, saying that everybody else sucks (including “Stephanie Levesque”). She then tore down AJ Styles. She said that because of AJ’s actions, Bully Ray can have AJ in any match Bully wants on the show. Elsewhere backstage, AJ Styles gave an interview about how Dixie Carter was going to pay. Later on, the Aces & Eights argued with each other, and Bully Ray blamed Ken Anderson for the club’s reduced numbers. He then talked up Knux and Garrett Bischoff before walking out. Dixie went up to AJ Styles backstage and tried to pay him off so that he wouldn’t go through with his match that evening or his match at Bound For Glory. Similar to how Dixie ripped up the contract he signed with Hulk Hogan, AJ ripped up the check. Dixie said that she didn’t even sign the check. After Styles’ match with the Aces & Eights, Bully Ray assaulted AJ with a chain.
Main Event Mafia versus EGO
= During Dixie Carter’s tirade, Sting came out and asked Dixie what was happening. Dixie then said the whole roster – Sting included – was under review. She belittled Sting’s advice, and then said that Sting has no right to make matches. Instead, she did. She put Magnus and Sting in matches for the right to face each other on Bound For Glory. Magnus and Sting had a heart-to-heart, and agreed to focus on Bad Influence that evening. An interviewer tried to ask Daniels & Kazarian about the EGO Hall Of Fame, but they rebuffed the camera crew with some vague promises. After the break, the two came out in white and orange three-piece suits respectively, complete with top hats and canes. The two began to insult the fans, then explained that the EGO Hall of Fame existed because there were plenty of false hall of fames out there. Kazarian then introduced none other than Bobby Roode, dressed a little less ostentatiously than his cohorts. They unveiled a specialty portrait for him, and Roode sat in a gigantic throne. Kaz then showed a commemorative video of Bobby Roode, with obviously edited footage. Roode began to cry because it was such an emotional moment. Daniels then called Ego a true hall of famer, and sang Roode’s praises. Roode got up and gave his acceptance speech, thanking Daniels & Kazarian. He then chose to thank none other than himself. He then went on a tirade about Kurt Angle, and that brought out the Olympic Gold Medalist Himself. Angle took off his shirt, got a microphone, insulted Bad Company, and took them out. He then sent Roode packing, and issued a challenge for Bobby Roode at Bound For Glory. Backstage, Bobby Roode agreed to the match.
The X-Division
= Austin Aries gave an interview about the Ultimate X match for the X-Division championship in Bound For Glory. After his match with Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe came out to the ramp. He declared that he was going to be yet another entrant in the Ultimate X match.
The Bro-Mans versus The Husband, The Wife, and Their Attorney
= Robbie E mocked Jesse Godderz a little bit for being pinned by ODB. Jesse noted that Robbie wasn’t exactly a shining example of victory, losing to both Joseph Park and Eric Young in less than a minute each. Eventually, Godderz walked off, saying that he was going to handle their biggest problem. Later on, Eric Young and Joseph Park were set to go on a road trip to San Diego, but they remembered that ODB had a match. The Bro-Mans then cut a promo on ODB, who came out with Eric Young by her side. Lei’D Tapa came out and attacked ODB.
Other Stuff
= Chris Sabin accompanied Velvet Sky for her match. There was a debut video for Ethan Carter III – EC3.
What Worked
= EGO is the best part of any Impact, no matter what. They’re hilarious, they’re arrogant, and I love to alternately laugh with them, laugh at them, and disapprove of their actions. They’re bad guys, and they know it, so they embrace it, and there’s nothing like a foil for a hero that’s fun to watch in the meantime.
= Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode is a great pairing. I can’t wait to see where this goes.
= Well, TNA’s track record of picking up WWE cast-offs continues. The Ethan character looks interesting, though, so I’ll wait to see what they do with it.
Needs Work
= Seeing Sting in the ring is not exactly promising for the quality of his match with Magnus.
= Lei’D Tapa is not somebody about whom I care thus far. At least she ended that abomination of a “match” between ODB and Godderz.
= If you put matches that should go on Pay-Per-View on your regular broadcast, DO NOT ADVERTISE THAT THIS IS THE CASE. Seriously, even though the match between Hardy and Aries was great, telling people, “Hey, we normally make people pay for this sort of thing,” really doesn’t provide much incentive to purchase the pay-per-view. After all, if you’re giving the matches away, why pay for anything more than your cable bill?
= Well, it would seem that all matches involving Knockouts have to be sub-par. Tessmacher doesn’t even know how to take a clothesline. What happened to this division basically has made it worthless.


Ring of Honor has basically been re-airing the ROH World Championship tournament matches. The most recent airing available for free was the final match, at Death Before Dishonor on September 21, between Adam Cole and Michael Elgin. This was the only match aired, and the build included Jay Briscoe coming out, talking about how he hated that he had to give up the title, and Cole and Elgin talking about the match. As fans of Ring of Honor know, Adam Cole won the match. There is not a detailed analysis here because this occurred at an event which Ring of Honor broadcast live on Go Fight Live – with heavy technical issues – the night of the event, and ROH is charging $15 to view the event in full, without technical issues. This business decision is somewhat confusing, but as it is something that happened in the company almost a month ago, it does not have relevance going forward.


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