The Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up #23

Well, as disillusioned as I was with the lackluster attempt from WWE to put on a decent pay-per-view – it was basically Night of Champions Take Two, NOW WITH EVEN MORE THROWN-IN MATCHES! – TNA’s continued insistence upon using a lot of filler instead of relevant plot, and Ring of Honor broadcasting matches that people could have easily watched online when they actually happened (well, not easily, but the World Title matches seemed to play well enough, last week would have been one long rant. I decided to hold off a bit on this week’s column so that you could get a double dose of RAW as a way to make amends. That being said, cue the graphic!


The Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up only details what nationally-broacast professional wrestling companies air on television. All other media outlets will be ignored, save for the purposes of clarifying details on the broadcasts themselves, or viewing broadcasts when the regular broadcast is unavailable.


The Wrestling

RAW Oct. 7
Dolph Ziggler def. MR. MONEY IN THE BANK Damien Sandow via pin fall with a Famouser
Natalya, JoJo & Eva Marie def. Alicia Fox, Aksana & Rosa Mendes via submission with a Sharpshooter
Los Matadores def. 3MB (Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre) via pin fall with the double Samoan Drop
CM Punk & R-Truth def. INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION Curtis Axel & Ryback (W/ Paul Heyman) via pin fall with a Go To Sleep/Axe Kick combination
Randy Orton def. Kofi Kingston via pin fall with an RKO
Ricardo Rodriguez def. WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Alberto Del Rio via pin fall with a roll-up
Fandango def. Zack Ryder via pin fall with the top rope leg drop
The Real Americans def. Santino Marella & The Great Khali
Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, & Goldust def. UNITED STATES & WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS The Shield via disqualification after The Shield brought a chair in to the ring
NO DISQUALIFICATION: UNITED STATES & WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS The Shield def. Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes & Goldust via pin fall after Randy Orton attacked Daniel Bryan, allowing Seth Rollins to get the pin
Main Event
3-ON-2 HANDICAP: 3MB def. Tons Of Funk (w/ The Funkadactyls) via pin fall with a thrust kick
Tamina Snuka def. Aksana via pin fall with a big boot
Big E Langston def. Zack Ryder
INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP: INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION Curtis Axel (w/ Paul Heyman) def. R-Truth via pin fall with the snap neckbreaker face slam to retain the title
Los Matadores def. Los Locales via pin fall with the double Samoan Drop
Brie Bella & the Funkadactyls def. Natalya, Kaitlyn & Eva Marie via pin fall with a roll-up
Non-Title: WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Alberto Del Rio def. MR. MONEY IN THE BANK Damien Sandow via submission with the Cross Arm Breaker
The Prime Time Players & The Great Khali def. 3MB via pin fall with the Big Chop
Cody Rhodes & Goldust def. The Wyatt Family via pin fall with a sunset flip pin out of the corner
RAW Oct. 14
Randy Orton def. The Miz via pin fall with an RKO
Fandango def. Santino Marella via pin fall with a roll-up
Los Matadores def. 3MB via pin fall with the double Samoan Drop
Beat The Clock: Ryback def. R-Truth via pin fall with the Shell Shock at 5:44
The Real Americans (/w Zeb Colter) def. Tons of Funk via pin fall with the Neutralizer
Tamina Snuka def. Brie Bella via pin fall with the Big Boot
Beat The Clock: CM Punk def. INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION Curtis Axel via pin fall with a Go To Sleep at 5:32
WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Alberto Del Rio def. Daniel Bryan via count-out
WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP – NO DQ: The Rhodes Brothers (Cody Rhodes & Goldust) def. WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS The Shield to become the NEW WWE Tag Team Champions

The Stories

The WWE Championship
Long story short, at Battleground, The Big Show KO’ed everybody involved in the WWE Championship match, leading to a no contest. In order to fix an error that Stephanie McMahon accused Brad Maddox of making – although Maddox implied that sending out Show was Triple H’s idea – Maddox declared that Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton would have one more match for the championship, and it would be inside the Alliteratively Named Cell. Moreover, to guarantee impartiality, the referee would be a WWE Hall of Famer, and it would be a Hall of Famer upon which the fans voted. In the choice between Booker T, Bob Backlund, and Shawn Michaels, HBK won enough votes that, were this a real government, he could overturn a veto. Elsewhere on RAW, Daniel Bryan attacked Randy Orton after Orton’s match against Kofi Kingston. In RAW’s main event, The Shield brought in a chair when it seemed like Bryan was going to force one of their members to submit. Triple H, who had come to ring side, restarted the match under the rules of No Disqualifications. Thus, Randy Orton came out and attacked Daniel Bryan, giving The Shield the victory in their new match. Triple H ordered The Shield to execute a beat-down of their opponents, but before it could become a massacre, The Big Show (whose contract apparently stated that when he was fired, said termination did not take effect until the following day, seeing as the production crew played his music and Security didn’t rush to stop him) came to make the save. After Show’s intervention, Daniel Bryan stood above the fallen Triple H and shouted, “YES!” The following RAW, Shawn Michaels opened up RAW. He thanked fans for voting for him. Randy Orton then came out, insulted the crowd, and insulted Shawn Michaels. Michaels said that he wasn’t listening, since Orton needed to worry about Daniel Bryan. Orton said that he would destroy Daniel Bryan, and Michaels would have to watch, and if Michaels tried anything, Michaels would destroy him. HBK said that Orton did not intimidate him in the least. Orton tried to attack Michaels, Michaels contered with the Sweet Chin Music, Orton bailed before it connected, and The Miz ambushed Randy Orton. After Triple H and Stephanie’s ultimatum to the locker room later on, Daniel Bryan came out, but Alberto Del Rio attacked him from behind. Stephanie then said that Bryan would be facing Del Rio. Following the match between Brie Bella and Tamina Snuka, Bryan tried to take Stephanie to task for taking out her issues with Bryan on his fiancee, but Stephanie just said that the blame rests solely on Bryan’s shoulders. During Bryan’s match against Del Rio, Randy Orton threatened Brie, going in to the training room, which caused Bryan to rush to the back, giving Del Rio the win. Orton then ambushed Bryan, beating him down.
The Big Show
To open RAW, Stephanie McMahon called The Big Show. out to the ring. She berated Show for his actions, and he was somewhat blase with his responses. Finally, Show snapped, saying that he was ordered to attack Daniel Bryan, and stated that although it was Brad Maddox that gave the order, Stephanie was the one that made it. That made Stephanie furious, and after a series of slaps, she fired him. Show had the attitude of “good riddance to bad rubbish” as far as how he left. After Big Show came out to save the Rhodes and Daniel Bryan, he became the focus of The Shield’s attentions. He fought off The Shield, and then gave Triple H the KO Punch to close RAW. On the October 14th edition of RAW, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came to the ring. Stephanie talked about how they bailed out the Big Show repeatedly, only to be treated with disrespect and insubordination, culminating in HHH getting knocked out. They then said that Big Show was going to have his entire life ripped away. She then noted that that was what happened to those that disobeyed the wishes of the two people in the ring. Stephanie eventually said that Triple H basically was the WWE. Triple H got on the microphone, and said that he became the boss for the fans, but his breaking point was the end of RAW last week. He then said that Big Show was goind to beg not to be put in jail and financial ruin, and promised to destroy anybody that defies them, especially people that thought or said, “YES!” in the back. At the end of the show, with The Shield’s Tag Team Championships on the line in a No Disqualification match, The Big Show came out and knocked out all three members of The Shield, allowing the Rhodes Brothers to win the belts as a way of apologizing for KOing Dusty. The show closed with Triple H rushing to the ring, livid at what just happened.
World Heavyweight Championship
On RAW, World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio came to discuss business backstage with Vickie Guerrero. He tried to flatter Vickie, implying that he was attracted to her, as a way to get out of competing that evening, since, as WWE’s only champion (that’s got to sting for Curtis Axel, The Shield, and AJ Lee), he is the new face of the WWE. He continued to flatter her, and gave Vickie his scarf. She acted like a little school girl as ADR walked off, but then smelled Del Rio’s scarf in disgust. She then gave Del Rio an opponent – a reluctant Ricardo Rodriguez. Del Rio looked ready to demolish his former announcer, but just after the match started, Vickie announced that at the Cell themed Pay-Per-View, Del Rio would be defending his title against John Cena. That allowed Rodriguez to win, but Del Rio attacked and decimated him after the match. On SmackDown, Vickie was in the ring, singing Stephanie McMahon’s praises with regard to her firing of the Big Show. Del Rio took the opportunity to charm her romantically so that he could escape defending his belt against Cena, and eventually, Vickie forced him to prove his intentions with a kiss – a real kiss. After he satisfied her demands, Vickie implied that she could kiss her rear. That brought out Damien Sandow who called Del Rio on his pretentions and then resorted to sycophancy to gain Vickie’s favor. Eventually, Vickie booked the two men in a non-title match.
Walrus, Walrus Everywhere, But Not A Sea In Sight
I can’t do the verbal interchanges between CM Punk and Paul Heyman justice. Suffice it to say, Heyman and Ryback made excuses for CM Punk’s victory at Battleground, including that CM Punk gave Ryback a low blow while the official was turned away. They casually ignored the fact that the referee was distracted because Heyman had tried to give Ryback a kendo stick. Eventually, CM Punk came out and mocked all three men in the ring, and promised that he would always defeat Ryback, because in the end, he is the smarter man. Heyman told Ryback to stand up to CM Punk, since Punk was bullying him, and Ryback issued a challenge. Punk said he’d take on Ryback and Axel on his own, but R-Truth suddenly came out as an unexpected back-up, leading to a tag team match. With R-Truth getting the pin on Curtis Axel, he was granted a shot for the Intercontinental Championship on SmackDown. An the October 14th edition of RAW, Paul Heyman tried to convince Brad Maddox to penalize CM Punk by allowing Heyman to pick the stipulation for the Alliteratively Named Pay-Per-View with a Cell theme. Maddox said that that was not quite fair, but did set up a Beat The Clock challenge, wherein the winner makes the match stipulation for the Pay-Per-View. After winning, CM Punk said that he was going to have a handicap match at the pay-per-view. It would be Ryback & Paul Heyman versus CM Punk – in the CELL!
The Miz & The Wyatts
The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt included) interrupted what was supposed to be another edition of MizTV on the 7th, and although Miz escaped, on the 14th, Bray Wyatt’s video distracted The Miz from hitting the Figure Four, costing him the match. After that match, Bray Wyatt talked down to Miz about his obsession with fame, and said that he was going to put Miz down.
Other Things

The Rhodes Brothers had an interview with Renee Young regarding getting back in the WWE and their future plans. Fandango got back his pyrotechnic frame for his entrance on the 14th. After every Matadores match, El Torito has been a part of the post-match take-down of those looking to avenge their loss. Backstage on the 14th, Stephanie McMahon congratulated Brie Bella on her engagement to Daniel Bryan, but barred Brie’s sister from ring side, even though AJ Lee could be in Tamina Snuka’s corner. Because of WWE’s support of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, many WWE Superstars have specialty t-shirts featuring the pink ribbon or the color pink for the month of October. Those without specialty shirts wore either WWE/Susan G. Komen shirts or WWE DIVA shirts with the Susan G. Komen theme.

What Worked
= For once, they’re building a climax of the biggest story so that the theme of a heavily-gimmicked show feels like it fits. Even with a few little bits of confusion, this works. I really hope WWE does this right and lets Bryan win and keep the belt.
Well, that’s one way to make Del Rio interesting – turn on the smarm. When you get fans to cheer Vickie Guerrero, and the fact that Damien Sandow is in the ring, you know that they hate you. It was still really weird to see Vickie get cheers, but this was decent. Sandow keeps running his mouth about being the next World Heavyweight Champion, but they have made it clear that it will not be as a result of a fair fight. As for John Cena being Del Rio’s opponent, that is all kinds of crazy, but we already knew that the man is some kind of super-human. Either he’s back just so that Del Rio can defeat an incredibly legitimate challenger and send Cena home again until the Rumble, or we’re getting a new champion. Either way, the WWE is taking the Big Gold Belt seriously again, and I’m thrilled.
= The Rhodes Brothers being the ones to take the Shield’s belts is both fitting and confusing at the same time. The trio threatened their father. Those three men have been running roughshod over the roster. Clearly, an experienced tag team would have too many things that could be predictable. So a thrown-together team was the solution. On the other hand, what does it say about guys like The Usos? I’m giving it a plus, because Cody once again has gold, but the follow-up had better be good.
= We got a title shot for a secondary title that was actually logical, and which was announced beforehand. I’m getting concerned – did one of the members of WWE Creative suddenly see the light and realize that people deserve a quality product each week? Because that guy is getting fired in a month, if WWE’s modus operandi for everything but the WWE and World Heavyweight championships is any indication.
= 3MB finally won a match! Man, first, they have one of them play an instrument. Now they defeat the other musically-inclined wrestling team. If not for the fact that they’ve been made out to be eighth-rate losers every other time they step foot in the ring, they might actually be on to something good.
= So Zack Ryder still has a job. Sure, he’s also doing all the jobs, but employment … sorry, independent contracting … is a source of income no matter how you slice it.
Needs Work
= As much as I appreciate that R-Truth pinning a champion equalsa title shot, that was so random that it practically came out of nowhere. It was like they went, “So, who isn’t doing anything tonight that we could pair with CM Punk and realistically put against Curtis Axel as a new match-up?” “Yoshi Tatsu?” And then they just got out a dart board.
= Los Toreadores, for all the fun they are, are beginning to feel directionless. Taking on El Local and Local Loco (as I wish to call them, though I doubt WWE is actually that inventive in spite of having multiple Spanish speakers on the roster), they looked like they were just going through the motions. Santino and Daniel Bryan proved one thing and one thing only – if you’re going for a gimmick, COMMIT TO THAT GIMMICK. Oh, also, speaking of gimmicks, apparently, “repeatedly facing 3MB” is also part of it.
= Oh, the Divas were also on the show. And that was all that happened. Kaitlyn made her return to WWE for the first time since AJ Lee humiliated her by defeating her in her rematch, and it was glossed over. The actual matches were worse than indy feds with a bunch of rookies. The only bright spot was the Code of Honor bit to start the SmackDown match, and even then, it was really surreal.
= There sure are a lot of tag matches these days in the WWE. Is anybody thinking that renewing the brand split might be a good idea?


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