Monday Night Football Gets A Dose Of PlayStation 4


The PlayStation 4 is set to launch 32 days from now, and the marketing department has gone into beast-mode. During tonights MNF (Monday Night Football) game a brand new TV-spot for the PlayStation 4 debuted. In all honesty, it made me giggle more than once. That’s good TV right there!


Since the PlayStation 4 was revealed, Sony has undeniably targeted the core gaming community. A high-speed race down a highway ends in a $100K car flipping 360’s in mid-air and the ISA and Helghast forces go head-to-head in a war-torn concrete jungle. The PlayStation brand has found it’s core audience and they’re willing to relentlessly target them with witty, action packed advertisements.

While Sony makes it’s final push toward November 15th we should see additional ads depicting the launch titles we’re all waiting for. We know the PS4 is still outmaneuvering the Xbox One in pre-order figures, and the high budget on-air advertising is sure to bolster pre-sale numbers.

Now that we have PS4 on the brain, check out the new franchises we’re looking forward to and some extremely beautiful next-gen screenshots.

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Dylan Zellmer

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