Win A Signed Sketch From Mike Dietz And Support Extra-Life

Help kids that need specialty care and earn a chance to walk away with a sketch from one of animation’s best artists – Mike Dietz


UPDATE 2: WOW! We’re overwhelmed by your generosity! I wanted to add a quick note that the sketch is a PHYSICAL item, not digital. Meaning you can frame this badboy up and stare at it’s greatness whenever. We’ve had a few entries that didn’t donate the amount specified within their entries on-the-spot, so we’ll be removing them before the end of the raffle to ensure they don’t impact those who did actually donate. We’re cross-referencing all entries that are donation based with our Extra-Life donation feed to make sure everything is above board. Thanks again everyone!

UPDATE: When you choose a donation option, anything between $1-5, you have to donate on-the-spot to receive entries. Sorry if this wasn’t clear previously. Here’s the link to our Extra-Life funding page. You have to donate the exact amount that you’ve selected in the raffle widget or your entries will be removed before the contest closes.

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If you’re unfamiliar, Extra-Life is a video game themed charity that raises money for kids that receive specialty care in the Children’s Miracle Network of hospitals. It was just recently announced that PlayStation would be sponsoring the worthy charity for the first time this year, and their impact has already been felt. Our staff here at iGR signed up during Summer to raise donations for our local Children’s Miracle Network hospital – Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare. So far we’ve raised over $700 with a goal of crossing the $1,000 mark. And we think we have something that can help us get there! Mike Dietz – master artist, animator and the guy behind some of gaming’s most beloved franchises (Earthworm Jim, The Neverhood) has supplied an amazing signed sketch for us to raffle off for charitable donations. The beautiful sketch features the protagonist (Klaymen) from his cult classic adventure game – The Neverhood. He and Pencil Test Studios recently funded on Kickstarter, and that’s where I first came in contact with Mike. We’ll be raffling the sketch (above) off to one lucky winner next week.

There’s tons of ways to gain entries into the raffle, and most can be done once a day. Donation amounts range from $1-5 and will gain you one or five entries respectively. You can also spread the word about our awesome charity efforts via Twitter for entries and you can like us on Facebook for a few extra as well.

The contest will begin at 12 a.m. CST on October 15th and end at 12 a.m. CST on October 18th. If you have ANY questions please feel free to reach out to us in the comments section below! You may be asking yourself, what are these fools doing to earn the money they receive? Well, not much…We’ll just be gaming for 25 solid hours on November 2nd alongside the rest of our Extra-Life brethren! Feel free to donate prior to the raffle as well! These kids can use every single cent!

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  • Spock

    The TOC for the raffle says it closes on the 17th, but the post says the 18th. can one of these be corrected? I’m not sure which one is correct right now.

    • Updated! Thanks for the catch prior to the contest going live.

  • tardismaximus

    How do we pay once we’ve dontated?

    • Click through the bold Extra-Life link within the donation tier that you chose. Entries that don’t receive donations will be removed.

      • tardismaximus

        Awesome, got it. Thanks and good luck on raising $$!

        • Thanks for your support! I knew Mike would have some very generous people that were fans of his. That’s just the type of guy he is.

  • Elliot Balo

    Is there any way to know if we did it wrong or not? I think that I donated the money right, but not sure if it matches up correctly.

    • Elliot, rest assured, you donated correctly! But I need to add four entries for you since your donation amount was larger than the entries you chose.

      • Elliot Balo

        ah, I see, so we can still do the +2, +3, and +4?

        • Absolutely! Just make sure you choose each one from the widget and then donate $6.

          • Elliot Balo

            I think you meant 9 dollars as thats what it would add to and I went ahead and made the increase in my donation, thank you! Its a great cause and Im glad to help out with anything that has MikeD’s name on it

          • Bahahaha! What’s arithmetic again? You’re correct on the amount, and yes it’s a great cause. MikeD is a class act all the way. We can’t thank him enough.

          • Elliot Balo

            This just squeezed into the next day so everyone you can enter again, do it!

  • Elliot Balo

    BTW, will you be announcing the winner?

    • The winner of the contest was Jason M.! We’ll be emailing him now, he’ll have 24 hours to claim.

      • Elliot Balo

        Congrats to Jason M!!!

  • Ingrid Inkan Renfors

    I think I did it the wrong way too, but I know that your money got through so I trust it will sort out.