Valve Demos The Steam Controller Playing Portal 2


I was thoroughly impressed with the images and detailed description Valve provided when they announced their Steam Controller. After trying the next-gen Xbox One controller I can tell you with all certainty that haptics make a big difference. The Steam Controller is built from the ground-up around the use of haptic feedback, and that’s something I’m greatly anticipating getting my hands on for a demo.

One of the engineers at Valve that’s been working on the Steam Controller recorded a detailed demonstration of the controller in action. The basic premise behind the gamepad is to simulate the precision a keyboard and mouse combination has granted PC players for years. The demonstration shows the pad in action on games like Portal 2, Counterstrike: GO, Civilization 5 and more.


It was great to see the meticulous amount of control the pad afforded on the FPS titles demo’d. As we mentioned, the studio used the device on Civ 5, but it was just utilized to efficiently scroll around the game map. It would be interesting to see how the controller performs with the other tasks the game demands from the user.

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Dylan Zellmer

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