The Raven Legacy Of A Master Thief: Chapter 3 PC Review


The Raven: A Murder of Ravens is the third and final installment of series. I have to say that I was really exited to play the final chapter and find out the ending of the suspenseful series, but with the multiple technical difficulties that have happened to me, I don’t know if the great story telling can outweigh the many flaws I encountered while playing.

I don’t want to give away too much but the third chapter but the Raven did have an accomplice throughout the entire story. This chapter you play as him and focus on what happened parallel to Constable Zellner’s storyline in the first chapter and a half. The episode recounts the happenings on the MS Lydia and the museum in Cairo. All the things that seemed amiss or inconvenient during your play through as Constable Zellner, are now explained firsthand.


The gameplay follows suit with the first two chapters. It’s your basic point and click adventure where you explore the area, talk to other characters and try to solve puzzles or problems you have come across. This chapter is probably the buggiest of any game I have ever played. The first two chapters were so well done, so it makes me wonder what had happened for things to go so wrong.

While playing I have had problems with lag and other graphical issues. When I would click on an area that I would want the character to interact with, he’d fumble around a few steps before actually making his way over to the designated spot. It makes me kinda wish that this game was on rails. With this type of game you don’t really need that much pinpoint control of where you walk. I’ll never need to walk into this specific corner so why is it an option? There would also be instances when I would want to go to the next area and every time I would move back and forth the character would glitch walking vertically up a wall or get caught on something before the screen went to the black loading screen.


The graphics, like the game play, where pretty much the same but they also had problems. Now compared to some of the problems that I have had the next one was the deal breaker for me. There is one puzzle that is supposed to have tally marks on four different bricks and your supposed to press them in or out to complete it. Well my bricks had no tally marks so I didn’t know what bricks to use and the animation that’s supposed to happen when you push them in or out isn’t there. I tried restarting the game to no avail. I even went as far as uninstalling and re-installing the game. Unfortunately. the technical issues¬†actually made it impossible for me to finish the game.

The plot is probably the saving grace for this chapter because you are able to play as the accomplice and witness how everything happened, but if you have played through the first two chapters you can kind of use deductive reasoning to put most of it together. It made me feel like I didn’t get something new this time around because it seems like they just recycled the old maps from chapter one and two, however there are some parts that I didn’t guess and that have even surprised me.

As a whole The Raven: A Murder of Ravens seemed kinda rushed and unpolished in the gameplay and graphics departments, but the plot has always seemed to stay consistently good and has kept me coming back for more. With all the problems that I have had with this chapter I don’t know if I can give it my thumbs up. For those who are just now hearing about the series since there could be a 50/50 chance of not working, but those who have already purchased The Raven give it a go for the heck of it. It might actually work for you.¬†The Raven Legacy of a Master Thief as a whole was a really solid game with a great plot, decent gameplay, and graphics, with the exception of the third chapter. I really liked the storytelling and I hope to see more titles from KING Art Games in the future.