There Is Hope, The Long Dark Has Met It’s Goal On Kickstarter


The team over at Hinterland has been through a grueling Kickstarter-campaign. The campaign itself isn’t quite over, but one thing is for sure, The Long Dark will be produced. Just two days ago it was revealed that Jennifer Hale would be lending her voice to more than just The Long Dark’s intro video. Hale is well known in the voice over field for her involvement in games like Mass Effect 3 (female Shepard), BioShock Infinite, and Halo 4. The extent of her involvement was described as pivotal to the game.

If you’ve missed any of our previous coverage of The Long Dark, make sure to check out our preview that includes some early in-game footage. Our congratulations go out to Hinterland! There’s still more work to be done. If the team reaches $225K they’ll unlock a digital graphic novel for all tiers and a pretty significant boost to the games soundtrack will happen at $250K.

If you’re a fan of original gameplay ideas and long-form episodic storytelling, similar to the sort found in Telltale GamesThe Walking Dead and the newly released The Wolf Among Us. Then you’d better be checking out The Long Dark on Kickstarter.

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Dylan Zellmer

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