Rockstar Games Offers Free Money To GTA Online Players


The launch of GTA Online has been anything but smooth, and Rockstar is aware of it. In the midst of bug fixes, updating users and abundant face-palming, R*┬áhas managed to figure out a way to compensate those of us who’ve tried using GTA Online since it launched. Some time next week the studio will be making two deposits of $250K into your GTA Online bank account. There are some stipulations. The first is that you’ve played GTA Online in the month of October, and the second being that you’ve dowloaded patch 1.04, expected next week.

The reason the $500K is being split into two deposits is simple. R* doesn’t want to upset the online economic ecosystem with the free GTA$. There’s no concrete date of when the patch or the free monies will be available, but we’re expecting news early next week. The 1.04 patch is supposedly the last patch to fix game progress being lost.

Source: Rockstar Newswire

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Dylan Zellmer

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