Valve Announces Steam Dev Days


Valve is on quite a roll as of late. They have a new Linux based OS on the way, a selection of hardware called Steam Machines, and a completely new controller design based on haptics. The studio has just announced a new game developer conference called Steam Dev Days. The two day gathering will take place in Seattle, Washington from January 15-16, 2014. The event will be held at the Washington State Convention Center.

To our dismay, press will not have access to the event as it’s being described as an “off the record event”. Registration for the event is on an invite-only basis. The scope of the conference is for game development professionals to meet in a relaxed environment where they can share their personal expertise in a series of roundtable discussions. Topics of note are VR (presumably Oculus Rift), Linux/OpenGL (ValveOS), user-generated content and much more.

Another aspect worth mentioning is that attendees will have access to Valve’s Steam Team, and will also be given a chance to test out SteamOS, prototype Steam Machines, and the Steam Controller.

Source: Valve

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