Next-Gen Anticipation – PS4’s New Game Franchises (IP)


It’s a fact that publishers are willing to take more risks when new hardware hits the market. They’re trying to establish the next-big-thing in the gaming industry by utilizing new tech in innovative ways. Think back to the beginning of our current generation of consoles. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 handily overpowered their predecessors. Due to the new possibilities the devices presented we saw plenty of new intellectual properties catch momentum. A few great games that yielded new types of gameplay mechanics began at the beginning of the console life cycle and continued to the bitter end. I’m referring to franchises like Gears of War, Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, God of War, inFamous, and Mass Effect. All the games on that list were exclusive to either the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, and for the most part, they brought something new to the table.

When it comes to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 there’s already a host of new IP’s that are in the works. Some of them are coming during the next-gen launch period, and some will arrive later down the line. Here’s a quick break-down of what new IP’s we’re looking forward to on PS4.



We had a chance to try Sony‘s newest racing series out in August. Evolution Studios has a tall order if they’re going to become the PlayStation 4‘s marquis racing sim. We know that Gran Turismo 6 is settling for a December release on the PlayStation 3. It’s possible Sony is trying to give the two titles some breathing room and let the fans decide the victor with their wallets. From the 15-20 minutes I had a chance to play, I can tell you that #DRIVECLUB should be considered a serious contender for the title. Between it’s sleek visuals, responsive controls, amazing mirroring technology and the social aspects that haven’t been fully elaborated upon yet.

Deep Down


Capcom is launching a brand new series running on a brand new engine. Deep Down utilizes the Panta Rhei engine that’s been created to optimize graphics and gameplay on next-gen consoles. The title has been described as a “reading memory RPG”. Much like the popular series Assassin’s Creed, the narrative will involve reliving past memories through a futuristic technology. The game is set in 2094 in New York City. Deep Down will be a free-to-play title. From what we’ve seen thus far, Deep Down seems like a nice blend of several popular games. The title was first thought to be a sequel to Capcom’s late entry to the PlayStation 3, Dragon’s Dogma due to it’s similar aesthetic. It also seems reminiscent of Namco/Bandai‘s Dark Souls, and as we mentioned before, Ubisoft‘s Assassin’s Creed. We look forward to seeing more of Deep Down on it’s way to release. There’s a beta planned for early 2014 that will likely give us a better idea of what we’re dealing with.

The Order: 1886


Ready at Dawn has had The Order: 1886 in concept since 2005. The title was first revealed at E3 2013, and we’ve just begun to hear more details about the plot and gameplay elements. The game is set in an alternate universe where humanity becomes splintered into two distinctive groups. One rests in our current spectrum of what we understand human beings as, and the other has taken on “beastial traits” making them more animalistic. The Order is a group of traditional humans that have been gathered to fight against the half breeds. The faction is a re-imagining of the Knights of the Round Table. The sect discovered a substance called “black water” that granted The Order unusually long lives and the ability to recover from grievous injuries. The studio has expressed their own attention to detail when it comes to material textures, lighting, and physics to create uncanny realism within the alternate universe. The Order 1886 also boasts an arsenal of weapons that are grounded in understandable science. Sony Santa Monica (God of War) is assisting in the title’s development, so we should definitely see something worth waiting for when The Order 1886 releases.



Mark Cerny, the architect behind the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita is leading SCEJ (Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio) in the development of the PlayStation 4 exclusive Knack. Cerny announced the title himself at the PS4 reveal back in February. The story revolves around mankind’s battle against Goblins. A human doctor has found a way to create a golem of sorts with ancient artifacts. He’s able to assemble them, for lack of a better term, and distill consciousness into the being. The vibrant visuals and particle effects on display in Knack are meant to drive home the PS4’s processing power and updated graphics during it’s launch period. The time I spent with the title consisted of short five minute segments intended to show a variety of level and combat situations. I found the game to be enjoyable and brilliantly beautiful. Ultimately, Knack is a must-have for me during the PlayStation 4 launch.

On top of those new IP’s, there’s at least eight more new franchises that will arrive on PS4 within the first year. Don’t forget to take a peek at what a PS4 demo will look like at retail and check out some of the next-gen images that have us really excited!

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