Need For Speed: Rivals Next-Gen Release Date Confirmed


Back at Gamescom 2013, EA had posters and promotional literature mentioning November 21st as the release date of Need For Speed: Rivals. We thought that Thursday sounded like a curious launch date for the title, and we were right. It turns out the actual release date for NFS Rivals is November 22nd, a Friday, and the same day as the Xbox One console.

That means EA‘s newest installment in the NFS series will be an Xbox One launch day title, and a launch window title for Sony’s PlayStation 4, which launches a week prior on the 15th. If you’re looking to nab the game on PC, PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360¬†you can expect it on Tuesday, November 19th.

This has us wondering if Fridays are going to be the “new release” day come next-gen. Both the PS4 and Xbox One are launching on Friday’s, so it could be the new norm for software to hit just before the weekend. We’ll have to see if this hypothesis pans out or not.

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Dylan Zellmer

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