Assault Android Cactus Dev Says PS4 Is “The Most Powerful Console In The World”


The PlayStation 4 has a host of indie titles coming it’s way at launch and in the early part of 2014. Games like Resogun, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Daylight and Assault Android Cactus will all add a facet that console gaming has been missing for some time. Speaking of Assault Android Cactus, Witch Beam Games designer Sanatana Mishra had some pretty flattering things to say about working with the PlayStation 4 hardware,

“From a pure tech perspective it’s undeniable that the PS4 GPU will make it the most powerful console in the world and for us that means we can turn on every visual flourish we want while keeping a smooth & responsive 60fps. We’re focused on every version running at 60fps including Vita, frame rate is king.”


The action in Assault Android Cactus is hectic at best and utterly chaotic at worst. The gameplay focuses on a high pressure, stylish twin-stick shoot ’em up mechanics. The player is constantly at odds with their surroundings and enemies. There’s no measured approach to Assault Android Cactus, only reflex and twitch reactions. The indie title was greenlit and distributed via Steam as a PC exclusive, that is until its impending release on the PS4.

Source: Gaming Bolt

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