The Mad Catz MOJO Console Has A Release Date And Price


The Android OS console space seems to be exploding with new devices arriving every few months. The Ouya was crowdfunded, Nvidia has their Shield, the GameStick is on the way, and Amazon has their own device coming to market. Who’s left? Oh yeah, Mad Catz! The company that developed knock off controllers for some of our favorite consoles over the years is all grown up. They became a bit more notable after they saw success in the arcade fight stick space. Now it seems the company is making an effort to become your living room Android box.

The Mad Catz MOJO¬†will arrive December 10th with a price tag of $249.99….The entry cost is literally immense for an Android-based console, but the device does boast some rather impressive specs. It includes an Nvidia Tegra 4 T4OS 1.8GHz Processor, 2GB of RAM, and HDMI out capabilities with full 1080p resolution. Owners will have full access to the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore directly through the console. It was also mentioned that you can plug a mouse into the console, or you can use the left analog stick as a mouse pointer on the screen. The specs say that Mad Catz is looking to attract the more hardcore gamer, but does the hardcore gamer really want to pay $249 for an Android based console? We’re not so sure.

Regardless, there’s even more competition on the way for the home console market.

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Dylan Zellmer

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