Hinterland Shows Off The Long Dark’s First Gameplay Footage


We first covered The Long Dark during one of our Kickstarter Spotlight articles. We’ve kept an eye on the post cataclysm survival simulation since it launched, and have been waiting to see some gameplay. Hinterland saw fit to oblige our, and most likely their backers, anticipation by showing off some very early gameplay footage. In The Long Dark you have more than a health bar to keep track of, you’ll need to make sure you don’t freeze, starve, dehydrate or die of sleep deprivation.


If you’ve seen any of Hinterland’s early concept art for The Long Dark, you may have noticed the very minimalistic approach to the environments. The cool color palette helps drive home the freezing desolation of the remote northern wilderness. Your character isn’t an action hero, he doesn’t have access to high-tech weaponry, and he isn’t fearless. The themes or isolation, fear, and survival are what initially drew us to The Long Dark, and the ideas seem to be translating well, even in the early gameplay video.

It isn’t easy when things go to shit all around you. Distinct parts of the core development team at Hinterland were with studios like Volition and Relic Entertainment when THQ went under. Now key parts of those studios have brought in talented folks from the industry to stake a claim of their own. There’s a stellar group of talented individuals that make up Hinterland, and The Long Dark is an intriguing take on the first person experience. With only eight days to go, around 83K is still needed to make The Long Dark a reality.

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Dylan Zellmer

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