Kickstarter Projects You Should Pay Attention To 10/4

So, you may have noticed we didn’t use crowdfunding in the title this week. Well smartass, that’s because all our projects were pulled directly from Kickstarter. Allllrighty then. It’s time for another week of crowdfunding goodies from the throbbing loins of Kickstarter. Fun fact; Kickstarter projects have raised over $815M to date. That being said, projects like the one’s we’re covering this week are asking for a drop in the bucket, so come on, pledge! We’ve got a tasty mix of new games on hand this week AND some updates on projects we’ve talked about in the past.

The Fall – Over the Moon – PC, Mac, Linux, Wii U (PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Ouya via stretch goals)


The Fall is an inventive combination of Metroidvania action platforming, point and click adventure games, and Limbo style art and puzzle structure. The narrative of The Fall and it’s very applicable blend of great gaming genres brought the project to my immediate attention. The story follows an artificial intelligence that’s been installed into a heavily armored combat suit. The suit itself contains a human pilot who’s badly injured and unconscious. ARID, the suit’s AI component has awoken in a semi-initialized state, meaning most of it’s primary functions are locked behind a set of rules that govern the AI. Throughout the experience more of these functions will become available to the player. Abilities seem to be unlocked by completing puzzles that restore the suit’s utilities. This is where the point and click genre comes into play. John Warner, lead developer on The Fall has managed to create a very inventive way to seamlessly blend in the highly interactive environments you see in games like The Walking Dead. When you happen upon a useful item you’ll have the option to interact with it in several different ways, much like a point and click. You’ll then use the item later to overcome some type of obstacle. The action is reminiscent of Metroid or Shadow Complex, and the presentation is very similar to Limbo. Over the Moon intends to release The Fall as episodic content. Hopefully meaning you won’t be waiting until 2015 to see the first episode. The mix of several gameplay types, the episodic model and an intriguing story make The Fall an attractive proposition for any backer.

Cosmic Star Heroine – Zeboyd Games – PC, Mac, PS4, PS Vita


Cosmic Star Heroine doesn’t try to describe itself as something it’s not. It’s a classic 16-bit turn-based RPG. There’s dungeons, squad-style combat, and tons of neon. Characters level up and unique customization options become available as time goes on. The base structure is something we’ve heard many times before. On the surface, Cosmic Star Heroine sounds like a cool game, but when you read further into it, it sounds like a pretty great game. Something I can really get into is the fact that battles will take place directly on the maps that you’re exploring. There’s no “combat session” that initiates like in most turn-based situations. Customization doesn’t end with the usual suspects like weapon and skill upgrades. There’s also a personalized spy headquarters to manage, new equipment, and even support characters that you can add to the fray. The protagonist of the story, Alyssa L ‘Salle is one of the galactic government’s top agents. The fun starts when she uncovers an unsavory conspiracy that her own government is attempting to white wash. She’s then “burned” for lack of a better term, and every agency she’s ever crossed knows who she is. With no agency behind her, she’ll have to assemble her own expert team and defeat an entire galaxy of baddies. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Well, you can actually help make it happen by heading over to Kickstarter and backing Cosmic Star Heroine.

Universum: War Front – StarworksArt Studio – PC, Mac, Linux


We covered Universum: War Front a little less than a month ago, even before it had launched on Kickstarter. This is another game that manages to blend some very interesting gameplay genres into one great package. If you’re a fan of the Battlefield, Starcraft, Warhammer 40K, or even Dota franchises, Universum has something for you. At it’s core, Universum: War Front is an RTS, but it offers more freedom to control the battlefield than it’s predecessors. You’ll have the ability to control large-scale combat via RTS elements, and then choose a specific unit to zoom into and control independently. That means one minute you’ll be directing your attack onto a specific group, and the next you can choose to be over-the-shoulder of a powerful mech or infantry soldier fighting in the third person perspective. For this very reason there’s a ton of detail on each and every unit and character model in the game. With Universum: War Front you’ll experience the fight over 5 distinct arenas of combat – ground (infantry). air, underground, open space, and even underwater. One of the really surprising elements of Universum is that units are able to transform. That means the hulking mech you’re controlling can seamlessly transition between a ground, air, and even underwater unit. You’ll also have the ability to do R&D and outfit your units with more powerful weapons and equipment. The basic premise behind the game is rather rudimentary with themes of overpopulation and the need for galactic conquest to save mankind, but it’s the gameplay elements that have us excited! Universum has some real potential, so head over to Kickstarter and help it realize it’s goal.


The Ballads of Reemus 2 


Jay Ziebarth (Zeebarf) is near the 50% mark on his funding goal of $15K and he has nearly half of his campaign still ahead of him. If you’re not sure what a Reemus is and/or why there should be a second, let alone a first ballad about him. Try the demo out. I can personally tell you that Jay is an immensely talented and efficient artist. He’ll also be running at 100% efficiency during this project due to him having a spot of solitude for the first time in years during development. There’s still time to make this Monkey Island inspired point and click adventure a reality. I’ve given a dude a fiver on the street for playing a few notes, that means Reemus deserves much more than that for an entire ballad!

Origin Series Part ll 


Our peeps over at Ninjabot have been touring with Origin Series prints in tow and apparently, Estefania has been fighting off some form of the plague as well. The Origin Series is a collection of prints inspired by some of the most popular super heroes in contemporary comics. Part one featured characters like Batman, Green Lantern, Wolverine, and Spiderman all depicted in one awesome collection. You might be saying, “That sounds like a lot of prints, and I bet they’re expensive if these folks are so talented.” Well, that’s true. It is a large set of prints, 13 in all. And yes, they cost more than a cup of coffee. But rest assured. Arnel and Estefania have found an awesome way to offer you the entire set without breaking the bank. Their Kickstarter for Origin Series Part ll is to fund an art book with the entire original Origin Series prints collection found within. They also have four new print designs that are available. The duo is very near their goal, so head over to their Kickstarter page and get you some supers!

My god, that was a packed week in the spotlight. For reals though, every one of these projects are deserving of your support, it just depends on what ends up tickling your fancy. So, what was my personal favorite this week? Why The Fall of course! I can’t help it. The game is blending my favorite genres together inside an AI controlled, Robocop-esque suit of armor. That’s it for this week folks! Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, so we can tweet @ you!

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