GTA Online Patch Live On PlayStation 3, Headed To Xbox 360 Later Today


UPDATE: The GTA Online patch was released overnight on the Xbox 360. The studio is also looking into the many items, characters, and save progress that has gone missing during the launch period of GTA Online.

Rockstar has announced that a newly released GTA Online tittle update is live on the PlayStation 3 with an Xbox 360 patch coming “as soon as possible today”. The patch is described as a means of addressing commonly reported issues with GTA Online. A more specific changelog was not provided.

The release of GTA Online has been rocky, but I didn’t expect anything different. That isn’t a knock against Rockstar Games, it’s just being realistic. GTA Online is likely seeing tens of millions of users concurrently, and it’s near impossible to prepare for that. If you’re on the 360 and want to try a few possible troubleshooting methods, check out our help article.

Otherwise, we’ll see you on the streets of Los Santos! I’ll be the shirtless guy holding up the liquor store with an uzi.

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