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How’s that GTA Online working out for you? If your answer is well than you’re one lucky bastard. The better part of the gaming population trying to access GTA Online is having a myriad of issues. Issues that Rockstar addressed with an update to their Newswire. We’ve collected some of the best ways to work your way into GTA Online if you’re still having trouble. Depending on what your persisting issue is, we may be able to offer a few ways to fix them. First off we’ll be posting reported fixes in a format that will help you identify your situation and the possible fixes available to you.

GTA Online Store Issue – I logged in successfully and have been playing without issue. Why can’t I purchase GTA$ from the online store?

– Rockstar has temporarily suspended the purchase of in-game GTA$ money until they’re able to provide consistent access to GTA Online for the entire community.

Character Creation Issue – I’m able to log into the service, but during the online character creation process not all options are available ie. not having all available heritage options available. 

– Exit the session and sign back in. This is more than likely a session issue with assets not loading properly.

Stuck on the Tutorial Race – I’ve created a character and watched the intoduction video, but the session hangs on the launch screen for the tutorial race described as “waiting for other players”, I feel like I’m in The Matrix, because I just saw the same cut-scene twice in a row and then the game froze, or the Race Corona (start area marker) for the race isn’t showing up and it won’t initialize. 

There’s a few possible fixes that have been successful in this situation.

– In some cases users have reported being able to pass the Tutorial race by deleting and re-downloading the Title Update Rockstar released when GTA Online first launched. The file can be deleted from Xbox Home or the PS3 XMB (make sure you delete the data from GAME DATA UTILITY, NOT SAVE DATA).

– Other possiblities include selecting  “Swap Character” from the online tab within the pause menu.

– Another possibility is to delete the character that’s not able to pass the tutorial and creating a new character. This process is one of the quicker troubleshooting methods.

– Some have been able to break the curse by being patient and trying later, or through persistence of logging in and out several times.

These are just SOME of the known issues facing players, and a handful of troubleshooting methods that have been reported by users and later confirmed as possible solutions by Rockstar. We’ll keep you updated on all the news regarding GTA Online folks! Hopefully some of these possible fixes helped you get online. If you come accross additional methods of accessing the service, don’t hesitate to leave a comment to help the community.

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