PlayStation Has Joined The Extra-Life Video Game Based Charity

If you’ve been on our homepage in the past few months and pay any attention to our sidebar, you may have noticed a tally that’s been slowly creeping up. That thing on the right that says “House Nerd: Make a donation” is the donation fund for the iGame Responsibly staff’s Extra-Life charity efforts.

We have some absolutely amazing news to share with you about the charity.┬áPlayStation has now joined the movement! The PlayStation Blog shared some of the prizes it will be giving out for participating in Extra-Life activities. First off, there’s no prize needed to help children with special medical needs. But PlayStation’s support may be enough to attract a bunch of new players who weren’t aware of the effort prior to this. The prizes may also offer enough incentive for newcomers to give their all in raising funds. Here’s a handy infographic that shows what prizes are available. I’ll tell you I have my eye on that grand prize!


If you’ve already registered for Extra-Life you’re still eligible for the prizes, just follow this link. This is a huge win for kids in need everywhere, and a major boost to an already sky high Sony PlayStation PR rating.

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Dylan Zellmer

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