PSA For Cheaparses Like Me – Xbox Live Gold Is Free This Weekend

Need Xbox Live?

Good news if you’re not currently being plowed by Microsoft‘s Xbox Live Gold subscription. The service and all of it’s apps hidden behind the paywall will be offered free-of-charge this coming weekend. The hope is that you enjoy your time with Xbox Live Gold so much that you’ll once again shell out the cash for the service.

Xbox Live Gold will be offered free beginning October 4th and ending October 6th (a near $.50 value) . This means non-gold members will have access to Netflix streaming (a service you effectively pay for twice to use on Xbox 360), Hulu (same), as well as multiplayer. Meaning GTA Online is going to have even more people attempting to connect to it 🙂

We’ve reached out to Major Nelson for clarification on whether, or not, the October “Games with Gold” title Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes will be available for download during the free weekend (obviously in reference to folks that are typically Xbox Live Silver members).

Source: Xbox Wire

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