Half-Life 3 Has A Team Of 46 Devs Currently Working On It


NeoGAF strikes again! After today’s surprise catch by GAF user, Shinobi602, there’s additional details coming through via user groups assigned internally at Valve. The link is now inactive, but while it was live we were able to see that there’s currently 46 developers assigned to the Half-Life 3 core group. A team of 46 developers working on the title would suggest that it’s likely in the middle of it’s development cycle. If Half-Life 3 was still in pre-production there likely wouldn’t be as much manpower assigned to the development. Also, if it was further into development there’d likely be more QA staff on hand that would inflate the number considerably higher.

Last week’s announcements including the SteamOS, Steam Machines and Steam Controller are now being compounded by a trail of crowbar-shaped breadcrumbs. The details are neither here nor there, but Half-Life 3 could act as an enormous console exclusive for the Steam Machine. It’s uncertain whether the title would be available in 2014 alongside the release of Valve’s gaming hardware, or not. What is certain is that Valve is poised to make an enormous impact next year.

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Dylan Zellmer

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